You win, spammers

Hey, comment spammers! I hate you so much. You win.

I’ve moved comments for neon epiphany over to Disqus, even though it’s not officially supported for Movable Type 5 (But what is? Seriously) and took a lot of ugly hackery to get working. On the net upside, though, there should be plenty of sexy new features, and hopefully less spam. If you get a chance, please do try posting a comment, just to make sure everything’s still working. Also you should now get notifications when your comment is responded to.

If you’re using Disqus and MT5 and are having problems (particularly when trying to enable server-side rendering), I’ve put the contents of my mt/plugins/disqus folder as a gzipped tarball. Maybe it’ll help you out.

LET ME ITERATE: I do not know from perl. This is ham-hands.

Finally, I just watched “A Scandal in Belgravia,” the first episode of the new series of the BBC’s Sherlock. Hello, Irene Adler. LOVE. And umm, riffing on “The Hound of the Baskervilles” next Sunday? Be still my heart!


Couque d’What?

I was at Uwajimaya, and… uh, what?


You may notice that I occasionally insert new stories into the backlog. The last few years I’ve spent mostly microblogging and leaving neon epiphany neglected, and that makes me sad. I’m patching in the holes with some of the more amusing or substantial entries, but only a few.

First dump, in case you’re curious:


Dana and the Deep Blue Sea

Sometimes you read an email, and cry, and cry, and cry. In a good way. I didn’t know they could still do that.



That’s it, Groupon has gone too far this time.


On the other hand, this Slate article about David Imus’ new map of the United States is a good one, and the map itself absolutely gorgeous. I’m ordering my own copy right now! Now I just need to find a matching political world map — if you’ve got suggestions, please do share.


Day One


If I were doing Project 365 this year, this would be day #1. Shall we pretend?

There are more from today, if you’re interested.

I’ve been realizing lately how talented I am at dividing my life into small, discrete boxes. The scary part is, I’m finding that each time I split off a part of myself, it becomes nearly impossible to re-integrate that splinter later. The part of me that used to write things like this is off living her own life elsewhere and I don’t know how to get her back. You can find her if you know where to look, but she has her own name now, and her own little living space, and — well, after tasting that kind of freedom, I don’t think she’d be the same person anymore, anyway. There are other bits of myself out there, too, like the one who’s taken many tens of thousands of photos in the last four years, FOR REAL. I know, right? You would never know.

I like to avoid thinking about the implications, which are frightening — would much rather slip away, all KitKats and snark, oblivious to my slow disintegration.

However! 2011 was kind of a strange, wondrous year, all told. I haven’t spoken much about it here — remember, boxes! — but I might just be ready to believe in the possibility of rebirth. Maybe.

Shall we pretend?


Refrigerant (2/365)


Well, day two. Which is already more than I expected — and with a real camera, even. There’s a café at work which is just fascinating, decor-wise, and I’d bet that thousands of people could pass through each day without noticing any of the little details & quirks at play.

I really don’t relish the idea of fixating on my workplace, but I do spend so much of my time there — making it, I suppose, somewhat inevitable. I hope not to be too tedious about it.

This will be about name-dropping.

I’ve been reconnecting with people lately, some of whom I haven’t seen in years. Just this last week: my dear Rosemary; the always-fabulous Meredith; Jill, who is ever just an absolute joy. In the past few months: meeting others for the first time (Alice, Isis, Selene), and yet others for the first time again (to be cryptic).

(I do kind of miss the days when that paragraph would have been filled with links to blogs, don’t you?)

So strange, this newly social me, thriving in spite of my natural tendencies. I can’t help but feel the hammer about to drop, but… I’m enjoying things, in the meantime. And feeling strangely young.

Oh, and one more from tonight:



Peace Train (3/365)


This bicycle was chained up outside the Redmond Regional Library this morning. I don’t know who owns it, but she or he is probably the coolest person ever.

A Good Thing On The Internet:
Dear Customer who stuck up for his little brother

I’m of mixed emotions about all these compound posts. I don’t really like to cover multiple topics in a single post, but having multiple separate entries per day bothers me too. This Project 365 thing seems to make reaching both these goals unreachable. That is, unless I wanted to have this only be a photo blog for a year — which I really don’t. So I guess we’ll all just have to live with this for a bit, or until I totally flake out.

Which I have good money on, by the way.

Incidentally, and because you never wanted to know this, a “Sexy Ballmer” Google image search has the same results regardless of whether you have SafeSearch on or off.


Moar backlog

I’ve backfilled a few more entries. I tend to favor the ones with pretty pictures:

I’ve noticed that at least one part of the Disqus import did not go smoothly. I had a bunch of manually ported comments from other services, all of which shared a dummy email address. Disqus seems to assign all unauthenticated comments using the same email address to the same identity, namely the first person commenting with that email address on an entry. It basically ignores the name field on those subsequent comments. Little Miss Edge Case strikes again!

So for now there are a bunch of entries between 2009 and 2011 where you can’t really trust that comments are attributed correctly (here’s an example, with “David” replying to himself). Yuck.

I’ll be trying to fix this by making the dummy emails unique and then re-importing. Will let you know how it goes?

Neurons (4/365)


Walking through a corporate park on a chilly day, on the way to give blood. I would have preferred something reflecting my destination, but found it uncomfortable shooting in such a clinical environment.

I think this is my first “filler” shot, but something about the way these chairs were stacked tickled my cortex. It just didn’t translate into the picture so much.

I’ve somehow managed so far to find at least two photos to post on flickr every day, which feels really nice after not shooting so much at all in recent years. And my resolve not to cheat means I’m not stockpiling them for future filler. Here’s my B-side from yesterday, which I kind of like better than the one I did post (but really, Kermit does demand priority!).


Also, buy Girl Scout Cookies, people. As if you needed another reason! But this is a good one.

Sakura Matcha KitKats

Because of the motherlode, I have quite the backlog of KitKats to get through. So without further ado:


Sakura Matcha KitKats

So. I absolutely love tea-flavored KitKats, and I love floral flavors as well, so I was really excited to try this one! Unfortunately, this ended up not referring to the hoped-for sakura flower, but the fruit. Still! Not a bad thing.

I had some regular matcha KitKats left, so I had both flavors at once as a kind of control. In the plain matcha, the grassy character of the tea is smooth but readily apparent. In the sakura matcha, the grassiness is cut substantially by a kind of generic fruity flavor, presumbly cherry. It’s actually nicely balanced, but far less memorable — still, you’d never mistake it for a regular white chocolate KitKat, which is good.

Also! I also updated my review of the tiramisu KitKats from back in July with the following addendum:

I have to revise my opinion here, having had another chance to try the tiramisu. There may have been something off about my palate that day, but it now tastes very authentic to me. It may help that in the intervening months I’ve developed a taste for coffee, which helps, but I think it was the liquor flavor that I found off-putting the first time, and this time it was fine.

So! With the caveat that your appreciation may wax and wane with the seasons, I now have to change my verdict on tiramisu to a “recommend.”

More Japanese KitKats.


Eye Examinations (5/365)


A defunct optometrist’s office, inexplicably filled with martial arts paraphernalia.

Totem Lake Mall in Kirkland is a place I used to go fairly often — in the late ’90s, I spent far too much time at the old CompUSA, shopping for colored jewel boxes and mouse pads and graphics tablets. I even bought my first laptop there, which was a top-of-the-line Compaq that was almost immediately stolen in Vancouver, shortly after having an entire can of Coke spilled on it.

This was not the best computer ownership experience I ever had.

There was also a movie theater that later became a Bollywood movie theater, and an Old Country Buffet — to which I never went willingly, but still too often.

Now, most of the stores sit empty, including the anchor space, which still bears the scars of being a Gottschalks but most recently housed a swap meet:


Some more:



Factoria and Northgate Malls seem to have risen somewhat from the ashes in recent years, so maybe there’s hope for Totem Lake too? I’d like that.


Casualty (6/365)

Happy Friday the 13th!

I took a lot of photos today that could have been interesting, if not for the fact that there was no memory card in my camera. One thing I’ll say for Canon is their cameras scream at you if you end up in this situation! Nikon flashes a little red “demo” label in the corner of the LCD and otherwise happily chugs along.

Oh, and this happened:


I treat my cameras badly. Mostly I’m just a klutz, but I’m careless, too. I just really, really wanted to take care of this one. On the bright side, if anything was going to break first, I’d have chosen this. Everything else seems fine, so the hood served its secondary purpose of protecting the lens from casual impact.

And also? Right now I’m really glad that Nikon included a lens hood with both the lenses I bought. In case you were looking and needed a tiebreaker.

I really don’t know how I feel about this “Sh*t XXXX say” meme, but this one — well, it hits the mark in so many ways.

I did not make this! Though I’ve pretty much lived it, and also, I’m bisectional.

On comments

I do miss the days when there was only one place to leave a comment. These days you can post an entry and people will comment on Facebook, on Google+, on Twitter, on Livejournal, Plurk, here. There’s so much more feedback and lively conversation, but there’s no one all-up view of the conversation, people talk in small pockets, unaware of other participants, and a year from now it’ll be nearly impossible to tell what was talked about.

If I were more web-savvy, I’d write a script to mirror those conversations here, but… well, on the other hand, that sounds like a giant privacy headache. Table that.

This isn’t a complaint or a call to action. It’s more just a wistful look at the state of the social web nowadays. And blogging is dead, anyways, right?


Sweets and tea (7/365)


Chinese New Year is less than two weeks away, and things seem to be getting into gear. I went to Uwajimaya Bellevue today, which was a madhouse, but managed to pick up a box of these Hsin Tung Yang brand mung bean cakes — a favorite, hard to find during the rest of the year, but today present in plenty and on sale to boot!

More cookie than cake, and more compressed powder than even cookie, they’re sweet and mellow and earthy. You really need to take them with hot green or oolong tea, because they’re very dry, but oh, when you do! Perfect on an otherwise miserable, damp, this-is-not-the-snow-I-was-promised kind of day.


This may also be relevant to your interests: Tako kyuubin was at Uwajimaya today (and for the rest of this weekend and that of the 28th), making fresh takoyaki and taiyaki in-store. I’d already eaten lunch, so I only went for taiyaki today. Truthfully, I usually prefer it crispier, but since I’m used to bungeoppang, I may be missing a cultural difference? Not sure.

Still, just being able to get some fresh-made was very nostalgic. Ever since the Lynnwood Paldo World closed down, I haven’t been able to find fresh-made bungeoppang anywhere! Pointers would be appreciated.

Next time, octopus.


Falling on… (8/365)


Today’s image is admittedly cliché, but it is undeniably a marker of the day. Outside the flakes are falling in ever-changing variations of size and rate in a way that seems like nature trying to backfill the last two years’ worth of undelivered snow into a one-day makeup.

The best thing about days like this are the high pitched squeals of delight coming from the street. And snowsuits! Kids in snowsuits are the cutest. And also, Ezra Jack Keats.


… I wish so hard that this look happened in real life!

My original plan was to go into downtown Kirkland today and try to get some shots in, but that probably won’t happen. So my tentative plan includes seeing Ricky Gervais rip into people, hope to get a hookup on the Sherlock series 2 finale, and make friends with loneliness (thank you, pastilla).

If anyone wants to (spiritually) share a glass of Scotch, I’d be up for that too.

Oh, and holy crap, you guys! If you’re like me and thought the one thing that might make the world a better place is a Jane Austen-themed RPG slash dating sim, it totally exists.


The raising of Valinor


This is what it feels like to have committed too early. There’s something mythical in the air; the title just came to me without thinking, but it seems to fit — if you stare at it long enough.

The light is still changing, so there may be more to come.


New earth (9/15)


Made it down to Bellevue in spite of the snow, mostly because of an appointment that I wasn’t allowed to cancel. That was upsetting, because I don’t like risking my life for the sake of appearances, but I guess it’s easy to see why: from what I can tell, downtown Bellevue only got the lightest of a dusting. I guess Kemper Freeman paid somebody off! Money talks.

The intended illusion in today’s shot is of the inexorable spread of a city, like the new earth where lava off KÄ«lauea meets the Pacific. Also, World Trade Center construction footage from the ’70s. In reality, this is the ice skating pavilion in Bellevue Downtown Park in a state of mid-deconstruction. The metaphor seems really overwrought, so I probably missed the mark.

But! I still like the overall feel of the piece, so I’m keeping it.

As a bonus, a contrast of old an new, across the street from Bellevue Square:


Also stocked up on groceries while I was out. Cliff Mass is predicting a possible 8-15” of snow on Wednesday, which is insane. Stay warm, everyone!


Complexity (10/365)


Tried to go into work.
Tried to work.
Tried to leave work.
Got stuck.
Abandoned car.

(…the rest of the story…)

Got home.

I’m too tired to get into any detail right now, but somewhere along the line I did manage to snap a picture. Which I guess is how it’s going to go, sometimes.

So I know Cliff Mass has downgraded his forecast to two to five inches, but I’m staying home as long as there is white on the ground, thank you very much.

…I hope my car’s okay.

OMG, Sherlock series 2 finale. You guys, watch these episodes now so I can gush about them in detail, okay?

I’ve added some social media button thingies on my entries. I’m feeling a little dirty about it, and I don’t make many lolcats, so I’m not sure why I’m bothering. We’ll see how it goes?


Flash frozen (11/365)


SOPA blackout day; SOPA whiteout day. Not quite the one hoped for, but it was snowy nonetheless. Three days of this has left all of the vegetation around here unhappy, but as is often the case, there’s a profound beauty that can be found in unhappiness. I’m not sure I captured it very well.

At this point, I am absolutely stir-crazy. This follows my memory of the 2008 snow-in, which lasted a lot longer than this promises to be — which is good, because the next stage is murderous rage. If the roads are clear tomorrow I’m going to rescue my car and drive and drive and drive, and take pictures of everything but snow.

One of my favorite movies, Next Stop Wonderland, is now on Netflix Instant Watch. It’s a quirky little rom-com, not to everyone’s taste, but I absolutely love it. There was a time when I was watching it once a week to keep me happy! It may entirely be the soundtrack, which introduced me to bossa nova music.

Astrud Gilberto. Elis Regina. Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Also! Philip Seymour Hoffman as the douchey ex-boyfriend!

It’s a Starz Play title, so you’ve only got until the end of February before Netflix loses streaming rights.

Also, while you’re there, you can catch my other once-a-week movie of years past, Shall We Dance? — the Japanese one. So good!

I had some other links to share, but they’re all blacked out right now. Good for them! I never figured out how to both (1) be lazy, and (2) learn how to do it on my site. So I called my congresspeople instead. Did you?

dear diary #13

dear diary,

yesterday we played tea in the garden and everyone was there, even joannie and mr. dipple and his cat. we had sandwiches and cakes and when the birds came and took the sun away no-one complained. mr. dipple doesn’t say much anymore, not since rupert learnt him. his hands are still cold but now his teeth are falling out. i don’t like looking at his mouth. it looks like winter and tar and staying awake at night.

it’s been snowing so long! sometimes i hear mommy crying but i can’t see her anymore. if i put my ear against the ground i hear her saying something but i don’t know what. i really miss her.

tracy says it’ll be okay and when the hollow man comes for his eyes we’ll all be together again. i hope so!

i really need to go, but i’ll be back!

tag, you’re it.



Dozens (12/365)


Today I am thankful for: friends with snow tires, friends who offer to drive you to the grocery store because even though the forecasts were all wrong and OMG IT’S STILL SNOWING, the one thing you want in the entire world is a fresh-baked apple pie right now and there are no apples in the house anywhere.

These are the kinds of friends I have, you guys. Love!

And also hey look a picture without any snow in it. So at least that happened.

While I’m here, I’d like to leave a special message to you, the woman who walked all the way to Starbucks in the snow only to find it had closed a moment earlier, people with lattes and salted caramel mochas still clearly visible through the locked front doors.

I know! First world problems. But your face — that was the look of a broken heart. I’m sure, for at least that instant, you were the saddest person in the whole world. So a million hugs to you, Starbucks lady. I hope you found something warm nearby.

Maybe even five minutes later at the grocery store across the parking lot.


Faceted (13/365)


Images from work. Today, the mundane things of daily life fell like little miracles: driving a car, eating out for lunch, going to work. Heavenly.

Snowfall and plows left my abandoned car covered and surrounded when I went to get it this morning. Really, I should have brought a shovel with me, but instead I dug at the ice with my feet and hands for an hour or so, and still needed a friendly push to get going (thank you, stranger). I’ve got bloodied knuckles but at least I’m home and warm, and with leftover pie to boot. So all told, life is good.

Today I lost confidence for the first time and put the selection of which image to officially use for the day up to a vote. The one up top won, and I feel a little ashamed that I let other people choose for me. It’s even worse because I was initially planning to use this one:


… but then again, I’ve always been a bad judge of which of my photos would appeal to people. I’m actually usually amazed that people enjoy them at all!

Still, I don’t like this feeling, so I’m going to try and trust my instincts in the future. We’ll see.


savory ramen


Seen at Renton Uwajimaya:

“Crunchy ramen noodle, onion, garlic and soy sauce flavors blended into premium 53% dark chocolate.”

Oh look, they’re online.

… my one regret is not having bought one. For science.

Update (2012/03/14): They actually taste better than they have any right to! You can tell there’s a current of umami, savory flavor throughout, but it’s not overtly garlicky (which would be terrible) and has a similar effect to sea salt without the crunch — but the crunch is provided by the noodles. It helps that the chocolate itself is obviously high quality.

Nations of the world (14/365)


I’ve noticed recently that there’s a distinct lack of bright green in my photos. Trying to see it in my life the last few days. Winter isn’t a help, and neither are today’s pictures.

Went to a swimming pool this morning, two stories underneath an apartment building in the city. It was kind of primordial, listening to the lapping of waves underground, feeling the moist, cool air. There was a small window in the high ceiling, at ground level, through which the windows of the residents above were visible. I wonder what it must be like, to peer down and see the water dwellers through a crack in the earth.

Afterwards I took these pictures, which came out much more colorful than my memory of the place. But I think you can still feel the sheer… interiorness in them?


And, oh, a mystery!



Happy New Year (15/365)


These guys are sitting there, waiting for tomorrow to happen. Happy New Year, everyone!

You know, I’m finding I have a lot less to write now that I’m trying to do the photo thing. I guess I shouldn’t complain — at least I’m doing something creative — but the thing that pulls at me is that I really always wanted to write, and the photo thing just happened by accident. In real life, this echoes my career path as well. I just wish my natural talents ran with my dreams.

Okay, enough moping!

So, I was trying to figure out why this image has so many more views on flickr (approaching 25,000) than any of my other stuff, and I finally figured it out: apparently, it was used in this video by Creative Commons. It’s only visible for a fraction of a second, but it’s kind of neat they wanted to use it — makes me glad I used a CC license for my photos. Also, it’s a nice video.

The BBC reports on the worst idea ever: “Sherlock series gets US television pilot, confirms CBS”

Finally, I watched the pilot of NBC’s Smash last night, which is free on iTunes and Zune until the official network premiere on February 6. All I can say is it must be nice to be able to audition for a show with an effects machine in tow. Also, if they end up copping out by having Ivy play Marilyn and Karen play Norma Jean in the show I’m going to throw up in my mouth a little. A lot.


Impressionist A (16/365)


A series today, playing with decorative grates. Also, for once, people. I call these “Impressionist A” through “C.” Not a whole lot more to say, which probably says I’m actually happy about them more than anything, for once.



You guys! News today that the Washington State Senate has enough votes to pass marriage equality! I… just don’t have any words. Wonderful news.

Also, I totally wanted to link you to a Brahms / Liszt Hark, A Vagrant, wondering how I missed it before, & then realizing it must be exclusive to the book. You know, in case you were looking for a reason to buy it. Brahms! Comics!


Object of Anger (17/365)


I’m tired, and I left my laptop in the car, so just the photos today.


Oh, but Oscar nominations are out! Is this the first year of the Animated Feature category that Pixar has been shut out? Not that they didn’t deserve it. Cars 2 was terrible.

I know it shouldn’t (and I love him), but it makes me feel better that Jeph Jacques draws a shitty spaceship.


Catamaran (18/365)


Walking around campus during twilight: happy accidents, finding the tropics in this everyday architecture. I think I have seafaring on the brain, from listening to Unfamiliar Fishes during my commute. So many audiobooks lately! (I blame John Hodgman.)

I did finish up Assassination Vacation earlier this week, which I loved, but so much Sarah Vowell at once leaves her oh-so-distinctive voice running through my head at all hours. Fortunately, today, it was filling my head with images of warm seas and sunshine.

And! Later this year, I hope to have literal catamaran pictures to match up with this one. More details later.




NaCl (19/365)


I had thought I didn’t have a picture at all from yesterday but it turns out I had this [of salt dishes at John Howie Steak in Bellevue].

So for now I’m still golden, as far as the streak goes. But I’m putting up this thoroughly mediocre picture as a testament: From now in, I’m going to adopt a sanity-keeping measure where I may (will!) reserve the right to days where I don’t share my photo. At least not here.

Will: stick with the project, put up as many as I can, but this pressure (from myself) to publish, publish, publish is killing me inside. I can’t bear putting something up without trying to say something interesting, and if the picture isn’t, it means I have to come up with words that are. And well. Words Are Not My Thing.

A very dear friend* told me:

The /365 projects aren’t about art, though. /365 can help perfectionists learn the ebb and flow of creativity.Self-kindness. etc.

If you can; keep up the process, f*ck the product. Choose “only me” option some days, but keep doing it.

This is for me. This is for me. This is for me.


*will update with attribution if she gives permission.


Aorta (20/365)


Depending on how things go, I may not be able to post over the weekend, so please don’t worry if I disappear. (Ha ha, she says, after literally having not blogged for three years). I will have my camera with me, though!

Expect a KitKat report a little bit later tonight.


More Petit KitKats


These two boxes came from a friend of a friend, who got them in Japan. I’ve never seen packages like these before, with six individually-wrapped petit-sized bars (about half of a regular stick) in each. I like how … cheerful? they look.

Strawberry Hazelnut Petit KitKats

The first impression you get with these is a strong flavor of fake strawberry. The yummy kind of fake strawberry, if you know what I’m talking about — pretty much exactly like strawberry Pocky. Once you get past that there’s a nice second stage of pleasant hazelnut cream, between the wafers. If you’ve had hazelnut Quadratini cookies, you’ve got the idea. Someone said, “it tastes like a terrible peanut butter and jam sandwich.” Which is true, it would be a bad sandwich! But for a bite-sized candy, it’s pretty good.

Cookies & Cream Petit KitKats

These were really, really good! Almost the opposite of what you’d expect (from the flavor and from the fact these are Japanese KitKats), they weren’t too sweet, and tasted exactly like a good Oreo-type sandwich cookie. There are bits of cookie mixed directly into the white chocolate coating, which makes for a nice textural effect. Really, enough said, they’re great!

More Japanese KitKats.


Totoro cake (21/365)


Two days in Canada, lots of eating (as always), and also crazy Chinese New Year craziness. I am so full up on dim sum, KitKats, Tim Horton’s, and Frost Doughnuts for good measure (on the way back), you guys wouldn’t believe. And oh, look! A Totoro cake. The nice bakery lady told me afterwards that I wasn’t allowed to take photos of the pastry cooler.


I still had to post it, though. Hopefully I don’t get in trouble.

We’ll get back to art in the next entry. Meanwhile, I give you this without further comment:


Peace Arch (22/365)


Leaving Canada. It rained basically all the way down the highway until the Premium Outlets in Tulalip, which I gladly took to be a sign! But that’s a story for another time, or never, since it’s both predictable and boring. Instead, this picture, taken through a rainy car window at the Peace Arch.

I’ve been using Pacific Highway for so long that I hadn’t even realized that they’d removed the old “Jefferson Davis Memorial Highway” marker at the Peace Arch crossing. I’d always thought it was a bit strange that it even existed at all, so I did some reading up on it. Wikipedia’s article on the Highway is actually pretty interesting, with some real twists and turns, but doesn’t really contain the end of the story. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t recommend a straight web search on the topic, as there are some rather, well, inflammatory pages out there (to be kind). Which is a shame, since it’s been hard to figure out exactly what happened to the marker since it was removed in 2002. Well, it’s a shame anyways, but.

At any rate, this is already way more space dedicated to Jefferson Davis than I ever intended for this blog, so! Let’s just leave it at that.

From the Chinese New Year festivities over the weekend:



Comma (23/365)



Oh, and thanks to Lia for reminding me that there even exists a movie called Raped By an Angel 4: The Raper’s Union. Eaaaugh.

Strawberry Tarte KitKats


Half of the take from Candyland this weekend:

Takagi Strawberry Tarte KitKats

So now we have yet another KitKat form factor. The box describes these as “mini mini” bars, and there are six wrapped pairs inside. Let me illustrate the difference between these and the fairly common “mini” bars, which you can usually find boxed in sets of three or bagged in larger quantities. Here, the brown, “adult sweetness” dark bars are mini, and the pink strawberry tarte bars are mini mini.





(If you want to compare against your standard full-size bar, those tend to run between 100 - 110 kcals per pair)

This is maybe the sixth different shape of Japanese KitKat I’ve run across. If there’s interest, I can maybe do a photo comparison of all of them together! I think I may have them all at hand.

At any rate, the first thing to notice is the “Le Patissier Takagi” logo in the upper right of the box. The last time I saw that was on the yummy Wine and Noir flavors from 2005. Takagi-san is a premier confectioner in Tokyo and it looks like Nestle is happily continuing its association with him. I really, really loved Wine, so I was super excited, even if this was the millionth strawberry flavor they’ve done.

Well, that familiarity did play against it a little. I mean, there’s only so many ways you can do such a familiar flavor, but this managed to be pretty tasty nonetheless. The white chocolate base held a nice, rounded strawberry flavor and a vanilla-y, custard-y finish. I was still hoping for more complexity, or maybe a textural thing between the wafers to hint at a tartlet shell, but couldn’t detect any. Oh, well — still, I enjoyed it.

Next up: sakura matcha latte! And I still haven’t dug into the Motherlode yet.

More Japanese KitKats.


STRIPLED (24/365)


A couple semi-abstracts today. I see these things every day and it’s fun to try and look at them in another light.


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