That’s it, Groupon has gone too far this time.


On the other hand, this Slate article about David Imus’ new map of the United States is a good one, and the map itself absolutely gorgeous. I’m ordering my own copy right now! Now I just need to find a matching political world map — if you’ve got suggestions, please do share.

  • Saska Albright

    I'm a big fan of south-up world maps for being such great conversation starters (e.g. http://www.odt.org/southupm... ). That US map is indeed beautiful... can't wait to have more wall space for such things.

  • Saska, one of my earliest (and most horribly-written) blog entries ( http://www.neonepiphany.com... ) was about south-up maps. I don't think I ever found one back then, so thanks!

  • Vanlal Tochhawng

    I love that map. I wish he had the time to do the whole world.

    PS My birthday's in June. :-D

  • Sadly, I suspect in the amount of time it would take him to do the world, it would have changed significantly on him (in a way that, say, the United States hasn't done since the '50s). But one can hope!

  • Paul

    I hope you ordered plenty of toothbrushes! BTW - my birthday is May 15

  • Paul, I didn't know you had the Bieber Fever! I'm assuming you want fifty of the purple one.

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