Eye Examinations (5/365)



A defunct optometrist’s office, inexplicably filled with martial arts paraphernalia.

Totem Lake Mall in Kirkland is a place I used to go fairly often — in the late ’90s, I spent far too much time at the old CompUSA, shopping for colored jewel boxes and mouse pads and graphics tablets. I even bought my first laptop there, which was a top-of-the-line Compaq that was almost immediately stolen in Vancouver, shortly after having an entire can of Coke spilled on it.

This was not the best computer ownership experience I ever had.

There was also a movie theater that later became a Bollywood movie theater, and an Old Country Buffet — to which I never went willingly, but still too often.

Now, most of the stores sit empty, including the anchor space, which still bears the scars of being a Gottschalks but most recently housed a swap meet:


Some more:



Factoria and Northgate Malls seem to have risen somewhat from the ashes in recent years, so maybe there’s hope for Totem Lake too? I’d like that.

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  • There's a link to Totem Lake Mall on deadmalls.com:


    With further links to another webpage about it, and someone's flickr page of photos taken inside the mall.

    Looks like one of the anchors was CompUSA. Whoops.

    The only store with no exterior entrance, according to the photo page linked to from deadmalls, is Old Country Buffet. So it apparently generates the only pedestrian traffic inside the mall.

    Wayne Hills Mall was the closest mall to where I grew up, and it was also reachable by bicycle for a pack of energetic teenagers who didn't want to rely on Mom's Taxi. I don't get down that way any more since my parents are gone, but maybe when and if I do, I should take some pictures.

  • Thanks for the link!

    I mentioned the Old Country Buffet, but not that it's also gone -- which it is. So there's no pedestrian traffic inside the mall, at all. The vending machines in those photos are no longer there, either.

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