Catamaran (18/365)



Walking around campus during twilight: happy accidents, finding the tropics in this everyday architecture. I think I have seafaring on the brain, from listening to Unfamiliar Fishes during my commute. So many audiobooks lately! (I blame John Hodgman.)

I did finish up Assassination Vacation earlier this week, which I loved, but so much Sarah Vowell at once leaves her oh-so-distinctive voice running through my head at all hours. Fortunately, today, it was filling my head with images of warm seas and sunshine.

And! Later this year, I hope to have literal catamaran pictures to match up with this one. More details later.



tags: photo , project365

  • If "DO NOT TOUCH; Fragile and irreplaceable" manages to keep your colleagues away, then they're more mature than my kids and I are.

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