savory ramen



Seen at Renton Uwajimaya:

“Crunchy ramen noodle, onion, garlic and soy sauce flavors blended into premium 53% dark chocolate.”

Oh look, they’re online.

… my one regret is not having bought one. For science.

Update (2012/03/14): They actually taste better than they have any right to! You can tell there’s a current of umami, savory flavor throughout, but it’s not overtly garlicky (which would be terrible) and has a similar effect to sea salt without the crunch — but the crunch is provided by the noodles. It helps that the chocolate itself is obviously high quality.

tags: candy , food , photo

  • Given the snow out there, I'm surprised they're not sold out of the French Toast....

  • WOE. I've been curious but haven't tasted yet.

  • If they have them at the nearer location I'll definitely pick 'em up. Reporting on chocolate, you know -- What I Do.

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