Falling on… (8/365)



Today’s image is admittedly cliché, but it is undeniably a marker of the day. Outside the flakes are falling in ever-changing variations of size and rate in a way that seems like nature trying to backfill the last two years’ worth of undelivered snow into a one-day makeup.

The best thing about days like this are the high pitched squeals of delight coming from the street. And snowsuits! Kids in snowsuits are the cutest. And also, Ezra Jack Keats.


… I wish so hard that this look happened in real life!

My original plan was to go into downtown Kirkland today and try to get some shots in, but that probably won’t happen. So my tentative plan includes seeing Ricky Gervais rip into people, hope to get a hookup on the Sherlock series 2 finale, and make friends with loneliness (thank you, pastilla).

If anyone wants to (spiritually) share a glass of Scotch, I’d be up for that too.

Oh, and holy crap, you guys! If you’re like me and thought the one thing that might make the world a better place is a Jane Austen-themed RPG slash dating sim, it totally exists.


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  • Meta-note: not annoying at all, although you might want to direct people to the "comments" portion of your entry instead of the top of your entry.

    I'm working on doing this with cygnoir.net and I think it's just a little tiny nudge that will make things super-simple for commenters.

  • Mm, yes, that's a good suggestion. I edited the current entries to do this.

  • Sjonsvenson

    Raises a glass of single-malt.

    You're never alone, there is just a temporal relief from social pressures

  • Paul

    I am certain I've shared this before, but once more, with feeling:

    How to be Alone

    Cheers. May you find someone ... amiable.

  • Thank you!

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