Nations of the world (14/365)



I’ve noticed recently that there’s a distinct lack of bright green in my photos. Trying to see it in my life the last few days. Winter isn’t a help, and neither are today’s pictures.

Went to a swimming pool this morning, two stories underneath an apartment building in the city. It was kind of primordial, listening to the lapping of waves underground, feeling the moist, cool air. There was a small window in the high ceiling, at ground level, through which the windows of the residents above were visible. I wonder what it must be like, to peer down and see the water dwellers through a crack in the earth.

Afterwards I took these pictures, which came out much more colorful than my memory of the place. But I think you can still feel the sheer… interiorness in them?


And, oh, a mystery!


tags: photo , project365

  • freiya

    i like the idea of underground swimming pools, it is sort of primordial, like a modern sort of cave swimming i guess.....

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