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I do miss the days when there was only one place to leave a comment. These days you can post an entry and people will comment on Facebook, on Google+, on Twitter, on Livejournal, Plurk, here. There’s so much more feedback and lively conversation, but there’s no one all-up view of the conversation, people talk in small pockets, unaware of other participants, and a year from now it’ll be nearly impossible to tell what was talked about.

If I were more web-savvy, I’d write a script to mirror those conversations here, but… well, on the other hand, that sounds like a giant privacy headache. Table that.

This isn’t a complaint or a call to action. It’s more just a wistful look at the state of the social web nowadays. And blogging is dead, anyways, right?

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  • Not exactly what you are looking for,  I  know, but if you cross-post to LiveJournal with this plugin, you can turn off LiveJournal comments and direct people to leave comments on the original post: http://wordpress.org/extend...

  • Hmm. I use Movable Type, but I did used to do something like that manually (which ended up being far too tedious to maintain). That is a good idea, though. I'll look for an MT plugin or maybe look into writing my own. Thanks!

  • I know!  Even within certain services It's hard to keep track of old conversations.  That's why I had to write my Plurk curation tool that archives conversations I've replied to or have favorited.  (It's already proven to be very useful.)  

    The bigger issue is a tough nut to crack.  I might extend my own lifestream for my online conversations, but so many of them are from private posts and plurks, I couldn't share it publically.

    greplin.com is trying to solve a different, but similar problem.  I'm watching them.

  • I'm always jealous of you and your toys (and your toymaking skills).

  • I feel this so much.  In fact, when we all (you, I, dblume, etc) post entries like this, I'm never sure if I should comment on the post or go back to the plurk link I came from and comment there. :(

  • Well, since I like to packrat and reminisce, I prefer commenting here, but  I don't mind. Whatever is most comfortable for you! Really.

    I do like your avatar icon, though!

  • I like that Disqus offers the ability to share blog comments on Twitter, and that it displays "reactions" when you or others tweet the link to your blog post. It's not all-inclusive of the comments happening out there, but it tries a little.

  • I do like that! But most of the feedback I get is on Plurk or Facebook. Disqus has a Facebook linking option -- wish it looked for feedback as well.

  • That's a good thing to request from Disqus, I think. And request Plurk comment integration while you're at it. :)

  • Vanlal Tochhawng

    I wonder whether anyone's working on a service like a reverse Ping.fm that solves this problem.

  • That would be nice!

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