Faceted (13/365)



Images from work. Today, the mundane things of daily life fell like little miracles: driving a car, eating out for lunch, going to work. Heavenly.

Snowfall and plows left my abandoned car covered and surrounded when I went to get it this morning. Really, I should have brought a shovel with me, but instead I dug at the ice with my feet and hands for an hour or so, and still needed a friendly push to get going (thank you, stranger). I’ve got bloodied knuckles but at least I’m home and warm, and with leftover pie to boot. So all told, life is good.

Today I lost confidence for the first time and put the selection of which image to officially use for the day up to a vote. The one up top won, and I feel a little ashamed that I let other people choose for me. It’s even worse because I was initially planning to use this one:


… but then again, I’ve always been a bad judge of which of my photos would appeal to people. I’m actually usually amazed that people enjoy them at all!

Still, I don’t like this feeling, so I’m going to try and trust my instincts in the future. We’ll see.

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  • I think you, like me, worry too much. :) The top picture is lovely, while the bottom picture is intriguing ... both good candidates, really, since Project 365 is about your life, not about crowd-pleasing.

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