Sakura Matcha KitKats


Because of the motherlode, I have quite the backlog of KitKats to get through. So without further ado:


Sakura Matcha KitKats

So. I absolutely love tea-flavored KitKats, and I love floral flavors as well, so I was really excited to try this one! Unfortunately, this ended up not referring to the hoped-for sakura flower, but the fruit. Still! Not a bad thing.

I had some regular matcha KitKats left, so I had both flavors at once as a kind of control. In the plain matcha, the grassy character of the tea is smooth but readily apparent. In the sakura matcha, the grassiness is cut substantially by a kind of generic fruity flavor, presumbly cherry. It’s actually nicely balanced, but far less memorable — still, you’d never mistake it for a regular white chocolate KitKat, which is good.

Also! I also updated my review of the tiramisu KitKats from back in July with the following addendum:

I have to revise my opinion here, having had another chance to try the tiramisu. There may have been something off about my palate that day, but it now tastes very authentic to me. It may help that in the intervening months I’ve developed a taste for coffee, which helps, but I think it was the liquor flavor that I found off-putting the first time, and this time it was fine.

So! With the caveat that your appreciation may wax and wane with the seasons, I now have to change my verdict on tiramisu to a “recommend.”

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