New earth (9/15)



Made it down to Bellevue in spite of the snow, mostly because of an appointment that I wasn’t allowed to cancel. That was upsetting, because I don’t like risking my life for the sake of appearances, but I guess it’s easy to see why: from what I can tell, downtown Bellevue only got the lightest of a dusting. I guess Kemper Freeman paid somebody off! Money talks.

The intended illusion in today’s shot is of the inexorable spread of a city, like the new earth where lava off KÄ«lauea meets the Pacific. Also, World Trade Center construction footage from the ’70s. In reality, this is the ice skating pavilion in Bellevue Downtown Park in a state of mid-deconstruction. The metaphor seems really overwrought, so I probably missed the mark.

But! I still like the overall feel of the piece, so I’m keeping it.

As a bonus, a contrast of old an new, across the street from Bellevue Square:


Also stocked up on groceries while I was out. Cliff Mass is predicting a possible 8-15” of snow on Wednesday, which is insane. Stay warm, everyone!

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