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Look, if your IM handle is “butterdecorator82” you’re either awesome or a freak. PLEASE TELL ME YOU’RE AWESOME, BECAUSE I DON’T KNOW YOU.

Update, December 7: “butterdecorator82” has not come forward. I am disappoint.


The December ’11 KitKat Report

Wandering around Uwajimaya today looking for Italian chestnuts and Buddha’s Hand citron, I found a bag of these KitKats. So cute! So surprise, you get a blog entry!



Pumpkin Cheesecake KitKats

So my favorite Pocky flavor ever is pumpkin, so I was super happy to see these. First of all, you have to notice the adorable packaging! The Pocky was cute too — I didn’t even really know Halloween was a thing in Japan, but I’m happy for it.

The flavor is basically white chocolate, and — nothing. I actually didn’t taste anything pumpkiny or cheesecakey at all here. The latter wasn’t a huge surprise because the previous cheesecake flavors we’ve covered (blueberry and strawberry) didn’t have much tang either (contrast this with the gourmet cheese flavor, which was nice). Not tasting pumpkin, though, was a huge disappointment. Oh, well, white chocolate is never really a bad idea, so these certainly won’t go to waste.

I realize these have been few and far between. Have not made it north of the border in awhile, which is my usual source. Maybe in January!

More Japanese KitKats.


The Switch

Oh, and did I mention I bought a Mac? Yes! A 13 inch MacBook Air, which I won’t call adorable (because I think the 11 inch is moreso), but it certainly is lovely. I haven’t really used a Mac since my college-era PowerMac 7200, so it’s been a bit like using an alien device. It’s been fun to learn a new user experience from scratch, like being young again.

Love: the three fingered gestures, full screen mode, the way type is rendered. Yum.

Do not love: The way nothing seems to be keyboard accessible (especially Launchpad), inconsistent window navigation shortcuts, poor intra-app window management.

Though I’m going to ruin the symmetry by adding some more love things I just thought of: the way it runs silently and cool, the magnetic power plug, the instant wake-from-sleep. The trackpad.

Really? I feel like I’m home. Not even thinking of installing Windows on it — and I really like Windows. With this and the iPad 2, I’m totally the disobedient daughter. But wow, does it feel great. What took me so long?


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Zunda mochi KitKats

A surprise, today. These came directly from Japan, and arrived a little worse for the wear, so I don’t know how accurate the textural notes will be. Anyway! Zunda mochi is a regional snack made of sticky rice balls (mochi) covered with mashed-up young soybeans. You know, candy.

The color of the bars was a pale green, darker than the wasabi bars and lighter than matcha. Flavor-wise, these were definitely nicer than the pumpkin cheesecake KitKats from the weekend; sweet, but not too much so, and there was a subtle, but present earthy flavor which I attribute to soy.

The white chocolate itself had somewhat melted and rehardened, so again, take this with a grain of salt, but there seemed to be a complexity of texture that makes me think maybe the tiny mochi balls which were placed in between the wafers in previous mochi-based KitKats were mixed into the chocolate coating this time. Either way, it was a nice touch.

More Japanese KitKats.




I totally hit the KitKat motherlode, thanks to a secret Santa! Received a nice package from Japan containing sixteen separate flavors, including fourteen in a limited collector’s box of various regional limited editions that were released over the past few years. SO MUCH LOVE. This is image heavy because I haven’t had a chance to taste any of them yet*, and I already have enough problems with my diet with the holidays and all.

Rest assured, though. To be continued.

Oh, and merry Christmas, everyone!

*this is kind of a lie, because this set contains previously-covered flavors: zunda mochi, wasabi, and annin tofu.






More Japanese KitKats.

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