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These two boxes came from a friend of a friend, who got them in Japan. I’ve never seen packages like these before, with six individually-wrapped petit-sized bars (about half of a regular stick) in each. I like how … cheerful? they look.

Strawberry Hazelnut Petit KitKats

The first impression you get with these is a strong flavor of fake strawberry. The yummy kind of fake strawberry, if you know what I’m talking about — pretty much exactly like strawberry Pocky. Once you get past that there’s a nice second stage of pleasant hazelnut cream, between the wafers. If you’ve had hazelnut Quadratini cookies, you’ve got the idea. Someone said, “it tastes like a terrible peanut butter and jam sandwich.” Which is true, it would be a bad sandwich! But for a bite-sized candy, it’s pretty good.

Cookies & Cream Petit KitKats

These were really, really good! Almost the opposite of what you’d expect (from the flavor and from the fact these are Japanese KitKats), they weren’t too sweet, and tasted exactly like a good Oreo-type sandwich cookie. There are bits of cookie mixed directly into the white chocolate coating, which makes for a nice textural effect. Really, enough said, they’re great!

More Japanese KitKats.

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