Thirty pages, day 22


Day 22: Have probably already said this before, but just in case there was any doubt: I’m on Team Thane.


Romance! Romance is best done in pencils, I think.

I’m a day late, because this took longer than usual. But I’ve been wanting to do this subject back since day one, so I’m happy I got it done. Mass Effect 3 can’t come soon enough, and all I can say is they’d better find a cure, or I’ll be an angry panda.

  • I was Team Liara (mostly I wanted to see the scandalous lesbians in space scene), though I have not yet played ME2. Currently I am replaying the first on PC but have not decided which romance path to go down.

    Did you play Dragon Age? (if not I would not be surprised, I have heard dreadful things about the Xbox port)

  • I did play Dragon Age! My PC is terribly old, so I didn't even notice that the graphics were bad on the Xbox. I still need to finish up the last two DLC packs.

    (I was Team Alistair, by the way)

  • I was Team Leliana but only because Morrigan was nit a female romance option. I did love Alistair, though I made him do all sorts of stuff against his will. I have not played either the expansion or the dlc yet, but the minute I start spending money again I will be doing that.

  • I have to admit that I replayed the ending over and over again until I ended up as Alistair's queen. Priorities, you know.

    Awakening was good, but buggy. The other DLC so far hasn't been amazing. I'm hoping for good things from Witch Hunt.

  • I'm a little sad that no one's commented on whether they liked the technical aspects of the drawing. I know there are issues, but it may be the most pleased I've been with my pencilwork so far.

  • Lori

    Sorry, this is first I could log on. I have had a hell of a day :-(

  • Oh, I appreciate the detail and recognize the characters but... I haven't played Mass Effect.

  • Vanlal

    Neither have I. Is this supposed to represent the male and female aspects of Shepard? Love the detail on the woman's armour and in their faces.

  • it's Shepard and Thane, who is a romantic possibility for female characters in the game.

  • Vanlal

    Ah! I assumed the scarred male figure was Shepard.

  • pastilla

    This sketch is reminiscent of your photos in that it's a moment suspended in time that leaves me wondering what's gone on before and what will transpire next.

  • Thank you! That's definitely a feeling I'm trying to evoke.

  • I wonder what a rendering of X-23 would look like if Eden drew it. (Is it wrong to keep the games / comics theme going?)

  • Not wrong! Will look into it. :-)

  • Looks like Shepard decided to get a haircut since August, too.

  • Happy to hear that you're on Team Thane. Somehow, that helps justify my being on Team Marceline (the Vampire Queen).

  • David, dear, we should be wearing our afflictions with PRIDE!

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