Wining down the year


More snackblogging, because you know you love it. Seriously.

Found at Candyland in Richmond, which once upon a time had the goodness that is green tea KitKats:


These seem to be one in a series of flavors designed by famous confectioners — at least that’s what little I can guess from the packaging. This one’s by Takagi Yasumasa of Le Patissier Takagi, a man I saw on television once, creating amazing-looking desserts en route to getting schooled by Iron Chef Kobe in “Battle Strawberry.”

Inside the box, fifteen or so individually-wrapped packages, each holding a miniature pink bar. The coating is a white chocolate base imbued with wine, a muscat-like flavor that’s subtler but juicier than my previous favorite, strawberry. We’ve gone through half the box already and I wish I’d bought more than the one. *sigh*

They also had white chocolate KitKats, but no sign of green tea or other flavors, a shame since I’d wanted to stock up.

And since I’m all about the green tea, I picked up these McVitie’s miniature green tea digestive biscuits:


They’re good, but very leafy in taste — would go beautifully with a hot cup of genmaicha or barley tea, I think, but not so much for dry snacking.

Also, I meant to mention that in Chicago we found those Lay’s dill pickle potato chips which I’d previously only seen in Canada. No word on nationwide availability, but that’s hope, keep trying!



Happy new year!

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  • pylduck

    Wine flavored KitKats!!!! I totally have to try those. And the green tea ones. Sigh. Wish we had yummy snacks like that here.

  • ...and Desi, aww, I miss you too! *hugs*

  • Mmm, pastilla, j-blog also seems to have another Takagi flavor, "Noir" -- which in retrospect I did see at Candyland the last time I checked, when I got the orange and banana KitKats. Oh well, missed opportunity.

  • Oh wow! Those sound like the most delicious KitKats to ever...er...anything! Absolutely delish.

  • Wingless Wonder

    yay for foodblogging! I never tire of food pics, either.

  • pastilla

    Oh, yum. I see you can order them from j-list if you want to treat yourself again. It's weird for me to think of Richmond as it is now; I still remember it as predominantly farms and pastures (pre-1990).

  • *squish*

    God I miss you!

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