You win, spammers


Hey, comment spammers! I hate you so much. You win.

I’ve moved comments for neon epiphany over to Disqus, even though it’s not officially supported for Movable Type 5 (But what is? Seriously) and took a lot of ugly hackery to get working. On the net upside, though, there should be plenty of sexy new features, and hopefully less spam. If you get a chance, please do try posting a comment, just to make sure everything’s still working. Also you should now get notifications when your comment is responded to.

If you’re using Disqus and MT5 and are having problems (particularly when trying to enable server-side rendering), I’ve put the contents of my mt/plugins/disqus folder as a gzipped tarball. Maybe it’ll help you out.

LET ME ITERATE: I do not know from perl. This is ham-hands.

Finally, I just watched “A Scandal in Belgravia,” the first episode of the new series of the BBC’s Sherlock. Hello, Irene Adler. LOVE. And umm, riffing on “The Hound of the Baskervilles” next Sunday? Be still my heart!

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  • yelingyang

    I installed disqus on my MT5, and it seems worked, but i tried to comment and found the comments are only stored in disqus and are not syncing to the MT admin backend. Have you ever happened to see this problem? I didn't check "Disable comment syncing" at the backend.

  • Lori Pierce

    Testing the comments. 

  • Glad to have you as part of the community! Note that we're currently testing a new Movable Type plugin, so keep an eye out for that in the near future.

    If you have any questions feel free to get ahold of me or anyone else @disqus:twitter 

  • Ryan - thanks! Looking forward to the new plugin. Right now I have everything working but it did take awhile to get here.

  • Just want to say between eden's leaf fleuron, and ryan's crustacean fleuron, I think we have a delicious meal in the making.

  • Aside from the Movable Type plugin quirks, is there any way it could have been easier? We're always improving the product so we'd be happy to hear how your experience was.

  • Hmm, a couple things that came up while I was doing this.

    1) Specific to MT: The documentation, at least for the MovableType plugin, seems non-existent. Other than the install instructions, I couldn't find much information on how the template tags  or embedding worked (for example, could I modify the js to show the like/dislike buttons on my main page, but not the comment box; I had to read the source to figure out that the plugin overrode the mt:EntryCommentCount tag behavior so I didn't have to worry about it).

    2) Using the server-side rendering / API method, the page load time seems to frequently bog down (I was seeing 18-second delays a minute ago). Late at night this wasn't a problem, but I'm wondering if this is going to be a common issue? I've turned off server-side rendering for now. This might be specific to MT.

    3) I imported my comments into disqus and realized I'd messed up the generation of the wxr file. I deleted everything manually and tried to re-import, but disqus helpfully didn't import anything the second time because nothing was "new." I couldn't figure out any way to reset this except to delete the blog on disqus and re-install. This was painful, but I hadn't had any comments added under disqus at that point, so I didn't lose anything.

    4) Related to 3, the bulk comment deletion in the moderation interface was pretty cumbersome -- deleting 3000 comments at a max of 40 at a time took a long time. Understood that this won't be a common thing, but that one time was a doozy. :)

    5) The import status on the new moderation interface doesn't seem to work? On the old screen it would show the progress of a previous import and let me see stats of each import operation. In the new interface, clicking the status link doesn't seem to go anywhere.

    6) I'd *love* to associate my old comments on this blog with my disqus profile. Any way to do that?

    By the way, thanks for checking up! I really appreciate it, makes me feel good about deciding to go with disqus.

  • 1) To be honest, personal Movable Type blogs are rare these days, they're usually used by larger sites that we work with directly. Like most of our plugins they serve as an agent to our javascript, so the only things the plugin will add are identifiers, export/syncing scripts, etc. It will still be based off of our default implementation though.

    2) Server-side rendering is the likely culprit, but we definitely recommend checking out our newest plugin when it comes out to see if it helps. I'd also be happy to send it to you if you email me directly at ryan [at] disqus [dot] com

    3) Our importer attempts to squash duplicates whenever possible (most people aren't going through an advanced integration like this), but the only good way to "reset" everything is to create a new shortname. There's no documentation for this but we'll look to improve the re-import options for these kinds of cases.

    4) "Delete" is really more like "Archive" since the comments won't be removed, so you shouldn't have to go through and delete all the comments this way.

    5) Our new admin is still a work in progress, and we're going to add the import status in the new version

    6) You can merge your old comments with your Disqus account as long as your registered email address matches the email you imported those comments with. If you had to fill in a placeholder email address, contact us and let us know what it is and we'll help with that.

    Thanks for taking the time to walk us through your installation, it's definitely good feedback :-)

  • Welcome to Disqus! I've been using it for a while and I love it.

  • Yay! And wow, it totally @ replied me on Twitter too. So cool!

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