Moar backlog


I’ve backfilled a few more entries. I tend to favor the ones with pretty pictures:

I’ve noticed that at least one part of the Disqus import did not go smoothly. I had a bunch of manually ported comments from other services, all of which shared a dummy email address. Disqus seems to assign all unauthenticated comments using the same email address to the same identity, namely the first person commenting with that email address on an entry. It basically ignores the name field on those subsequent comments. Little Miss Edge Case strikes again!

So for now there are a bunch of entries between 2009 and 2011 where you can’t really trust that comments are attributed correctly (here’s an example, with “David” replying to himself). Yuck.

I’ll be trying to fix this by making the dummy emails unique and then re-importing. Will let you know how it goes?

tags: blogging , disqus

  • The first picture was not so pretty! Sorry about that.

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