Impressionist A (16/365)



A series today, playing with decorative grates. Also, for once, people. I call these “Impressionist A” through “C.” Not a whole lot more to say, which probably says I’m actually happy about them more than anything, for once.



You guys! News today that the Washington State Senate has enough votes to pass marriage equality! I… just don’t have any words. Wonderful news.

Also, I totally wanted to link you to a Brahms / Liszt Hark, A Vagrant, wondering how I missed it before, & then realizing it must be exclusive to the book. You know, in case you were looking for a reason to buy it. Brahms! Comics!

tags: photo , project365

  • I like the bottom two quite a bit.

  • I'm paranoid I chose the wrong one for my Project365. But thank you!

  • I really like this series. The last looks almost pixelated in parts because of the grate.

  • I know! I actually chose that one over one where the grate was distinct because I like the effect. It probably doesn't stand alone as an photo, but with the other two it's a nice progression.

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