Neurons (4/365)



Walking through a corporate park on a chilly day, on the way to give blood. I would have preferred something reflecting my destination, but found it uncomfortable shooting in such a clinical environment.

I think this is my first “filler” shot, but something about the way these chairs were stacked tickled my cortex. It just didn’t translate into the picture so much.

I’ve somehow managed so far to find at least two photos to post on flickr every day, which feels really nice after not shooting so much at all in recent years. And my resolve not to cheat means I’m not stockpiling them for future filler. Here’s my B-side from yesterday, which I kind of like better than the one I did post (but really, Kermit does demand priority!).


Also, buy Girl Scout Cookies, people. As if you needed another reason! But this is a good one.

tags: photo , project365

  • blish

    I'll comment on ALL the blogs and buy ALL the cookies Eden :D

  • Ooh, I *knew* I liked you!

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