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Half of the take from Candyland this weekend:

Takagi Strawberry Tarte KitKats

So now we have yet another KitKat form factor. The box describes these as “mini mini” bars, and there are six wrapped pairs inside. Let me illustrate the difference between these and the fairly common “mini” bars, which you can usually find boxed in sets of three or bagged in larger quantities. Here, the brown, “adult sweetness” dark bars are mini, and the pink strawberry tarte bars are mini mini.





(If you want to compare against your standard full-size bar, those tend to run between 100 - 110 kcals per pair)

This is maybe the sixth different shape of Japanese KitKat I’ve run across. If there’s interest, I can maybe do a photo comparison of all of them together! I think I may have them all at hand.

At any rate, the first thing to notice is the “Le Patissier Takagi” logo in the upper right of the box. The last time I saw that was on the yummy Wine and Noir flavors from 2005. Takagi-san is a premier confectioner in Tokyo and it looks like Nestle is happily continuing its association with him. I really, really loved Wine, so I was super excited, even if this was the millionth strawberry flavor they’ve done.

Well, that familiarity did play against it a little. I mean, there’s only so many ways you can do such a familiar flavor, but this managed to be pretty tasty nonetheless. The white chocolate base held a nice, rounded strawberry flavor and a vanilla-y, custard-y finish. I was still hoping for more complexity, or maybe a textural thing between the wafers to hint at a tartlet shell, but couldn’t detect any. Oh, well — still, I enjoyed it.

Next up: sakura matcha latte! And I still haven’t dug into the Motherlode yet.

More Japanese KitKats.

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