dear diary #13


dear diary,

yesterday we played tea in the garden and everyone was there, even joannie and mr. dipple and his cat. we had sandwiches and cakes and when the birds came and took the sun away no-one complained. mr. dipple doesn’t say much anymore, not since rupert learnt him. his hands are still cold but now his teeth are falling out. i don’t like looking at his mouth. it looks like winter and tar and staying awake at night.

it’s been snowing so long! sometimes i hear mommy crying but i can’t see her anymore. if i put my ear against the ground i hear her saying something but i don’t know what. i really miss her.

tracy says it’ll be okay and when the hollow man comes for his eyes we’ll all be together again. i hope so!

i really need to go, but i’ll be back!

tag, you’re it.


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