Totoro cake (21/365)



Two days in Canada, lots of eating (as always), and also crazy Chinese New Year craziness. I am so full up on dim sum, KitKats, Tim Horton’s, and Frost Doughnuts for good measure (on the way back), you guys wouldn’t believe. And oh, look! A Totoro cake. The nice bakery lady told me afterwards that I wasn’t allowed to take photos of the pastry cooler.


I still had to post it, though. Hopefully I don’t get in trouble.

We’ll get back to art in the next entry. Meanwhile, I give you this without further comment:


tags: anime , food , photo , project365

  • Saska Albright

    OK, I must know which bakery this was. Not so that I can surreptitiously photograph their pastry case, but because I would very much like this cake for my next birthday.

  • This was at the bakery in the Osaka Supermarket, Yaohan Centre, Richmond, BC. Might be a trek for a birthday cake? But it was really beautifully made.

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