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From the documentaries on The Fellowship of the Ring’s extended edition DVD, it’s increasingly obvious that Richard Taylor, mastermind behind Weta Workshop, is about the closest thing we have to a prototypical mad scientist. Somewhere in between raving about pressure-tube chain mail (random effects lackey: “…the three best years of my life!”) and his anthropologically informed, pathologically insane approach to weaponry, we concluded that he’s clearly a couple decades ahead of his time. No doubt he’d probably be pioneering the use of genetic engineering in special effects, shortly before giant, hideous tree creatures began their slow takeover of our planet.

Two weeks until The Two Towers appears on store shelves. I can’t wait! After all, one can only get so much hot elf satisfaction from watching pirate flicks.

  • I thought I was the only one seeking hot elf action! *whew* I'm not alone!

    My name is pixel and I enjoy hot elves.

  • yukino

    Alas, my instant gratification needs dictate that I need to ensure that I receive the goods on release day; in other words, it's Best Buy for me.

  • teak

    Have you pre-ordered your LOTR:TTT Platinum Extended Edition 4-DVD set yet?

  • Hot Elf&aposs Mistress

    Aaah! Aah! Can't ... get ... enough ... hot ... elf ... action!

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