Vox Hunt: That rules


Show us some rules.


This was in a beautiful, old, very large gothic church in New York City (which wasn’t St. Patrick’s). There were only five of us so i wasn’t worried, but I still don’t understand. I seem to remember a performance broke out soon thereafter — Mozart’s Requiem? Don’t recall, exactly, this was 1996 — so it’s possible that at least one of the rules was being broken that night. But what’s a little fire hazard in the name of great music?

  • They have the same signs adorned on the cafeteria walls of NYC public high schools, I assure you..

  • sjon

    An on the inside there is probably another sign: Certified for 215 people?

  • Yep. If occupancy by 234 is dangerous an unlawful, 358 even moreso! There should be a third sign in the middle that says 1,000,000 people and replace "DANGEROUS" with "JUST PLAIN DUMB".

  • pastilla

    An age-old bitter rivalry between two elevator inspectors . . . or perhaps a clue to a murder mystery? "Someone put up the second sign . . . they wanted the elevator to be overloaded . . . but why?"

  • "...one of the rules was being broken..."

    The unsettling thing? That the broken rule was the one on the left. The right one was observed.

  • hee! :)

  • Jim

    Both signs can be true. They merely fail to establish a lower bound on legal occupancy.

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