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Seen on the front of a 7-Eleven on Granville St. in Vancouver:

New! Cranberry Slurpee! It bites!

Has this really been out of the vernacular long enough to be reclaiming it?

  • mrc

    It's weird, but it also reminds me of "Barq's Has Bite". In fact, the official irritating flash site of Barq's root beer has a Barq's Bites.

  • A cranberry slurpee does sound tasty, but yeah that's some bad marketing!

  • Makes me wanna try it. :)

  • sadly enough, i wanted one too...

  • No, no it really hasn't. :(

    Reading that just makes me think "wow, they're telling me up front that it sucks..."

  • pastilla

    " " to halophoenix's comment

  • Brenda

    maybe in Canada. :)

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