The August ’06 KitKat Report



Found these at the local British Pantry: golden caramel and tiramisu flavored “KitKat editions” candy bars. They’re each roughly the size of a Big Kat, most of an inch thick, and the wrapper is matte and very classy (especially love the typog!). Of the two, tiramisu is definitely more distinctive, & really an authentic reproduction of the dessert’s flavor. I’m hard-pressed to figure out what makes golden caramel different from plain old, but — as you all know — I am in thrall to caramel and cannot find fault in it.

Of course, these are from the UK, and typically, all good KitKat varieties originate overseas. This is because Nestle owns the worldwide KitKat market, having acquired Rowntree, the original makers, in the sixties. However, in the United States, Hershey’s has rights due to prior licensing, and supplies the domestic market. Hence, no green tea, no coconut, no “wine” and “noir” boutique flavors — and definitely no azuki bean! — here.

Although, wonder of wonders, Hershey’s does list a few limited edition flavors on its  KitKat product site. No telling if they’re still current, but if anyone does find orange creme* or milkshake out in the wild, please let me know!

* I have tried regular orange kitkats, and was decidedly unimpressed. My personal favorite? Strawberry!

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  • ::cries:: Oh wow....I don't know of any British sweet shops around here. >< I desperately want to try these!

  • I had a tiramisu one yesterday

    Let me know if you want some and i'll send them to you

    I don't know if they're still around but we had Caramac coated ones a few months ago - they're yummy :p

  • What I wouldn't give to try the tiramisu one!

    I tried a milkshake flavoured one and it really just tasted like creamier chocolate. Almost the same as regular kitkat.

  • pastilla

    The orange kit-kats go well with brandy ::grin::

    The thing I dislike about tiramisu is that soggy, watery sensation . . . (unlike trifle, where the sherry gives a fire-y bite to soggy cake) Somehow I believe the KitKat version would prevent that experience . . .

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I ADORE your food blogging . . .

  • Brenda

    We have different flavours here in New Zealand, but not the same ones you've mentioned (I don't think). I'll be on the lookout next time I'm in the shops and see what I find.

  • TIK

    A friend of mine currently lives near Hershey, PA, and last time he visited, he brought a bag of limited edition Mint KitKats. They were quite good!

  • Oh! Time to hit up the British sweet shops in town. Not like there isn't a million of them in Oak Bay alone!

  • Which pantry? I must have the 'misu!

  • The British Pantry, in Redmond. You can also buy sticky toffee pudding there!

  • Maybe I should get them to open a british pantry in our office in Bellevue :D

  • groovy -- thanks!

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