Beim schlafengehen


Oftentimes, I think of this Strauss song, which may be my all-time favorite classical piece, right up there with Brahms’ Ein Deutsches Requiem and G-major violin sonata; seems I’m unwittingly attracted towards the autumnal and/or elegiac, and maybe it’s fitting to revisit such pieces now.

This is Lisa Della Casa, in her prime — her famous 1953 Decca recording. No one else comes close.

Now that the day has made me so tired,
My dearest longings shall
Be accepted kindly by the starry night
Like a weary child.

Hands, cease your activity,
Head, forget all of your thoughts;
All my senses now
Will sink into slumber.

And my soul, unobserved,
Will float about on untrammeled wings
In the enchanted circle of the night,
Living a thousandfold more deeply.

— Herman Hesse, translation Emily Ezust


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