Bastille Day


As of last night’s posts, Paris Hilton has now been banished from my front page. I suppose some would say my work here is done, and I certainly feel a sense of accomplishment.

But! I haven’t told you yet. I’m having a photo published in a real live photo magazine (Popular Photography & Imaging), which I guess has happened before, but they’re paying me for it, which hasn’t. Whomever it was found me on flickr, which means that after nearly twenty years, I’ve finally figured out how to make money on the internet.

This is the one, an oldie:


I might even have some money left over after paying for the magazine!

  • Congrats! It is a gorgeous shot :)

    And that means there's hope for me some day, eh? I just need to exercise my creative side a little more I think...

  • You probably could have sold any number of photos to a parenting magazine! So cute.

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