26 things


Here’s my entry for 26 things. Be sure to check out the other entries there, or Mike’s (which inspired me to put together my own).

If you would like to see the legend for a photo, hover your mouse over its thumbnail, or click to see it in more detail.

  • j david


    very nice! is the baby yours? the photo is inspiring. i work to keep lake michigan healthy (and to get rid of that brown line of smog on the horizon).

    thank you for sharing!


  • yukino

    Oh, no -- I wish! That shot is from the 99th floor of the Sears Tower.

    Yay for plastic dinosaurs. :)

  • SB

    these are wonderful. the mannequins are fabulous! & is that really what you see from your window, that cityscape?

    I have a plastic dinasour by my computer that makes me happy.

    thanks for doing these, & pointing me to them!


  • roe

    Those are just gorgeous. :)

  • really beautiful! i like most: new, weather and authority

  • yukino

    Thank you both. :)

    I've updated the higher-res versions of "weather," "empty," "authority," "love," "light," and "susnet" to reflect the original aspect ratios of the photos, which I think are better photos.

  • ...and 'weather'! Great pictures, yukino.

  • beautiful. I especially like the love one.

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