Tuesday scrawl


I thought it would be different, after, but I still can’t find the words. I’ve taken to carrying the old moleskine along on my lonely commute in case i happen onto my muse, but so far — no luck.

It’s today again. Maybe.

Suppose i can answer a couple qotd’s in the meantime: karaoke? Always enjoy singing Sarah McLachlan. or Norah Jones. or anyone else who can transform voice into something altogether liquid. I wish I could do that. My favorite children’s movie? Oh, i wish i could narrow something like that down. Well, let’s see: I’ve always had a soft spot for Pinocchio. Majo no takkyuubin gets a nod, as well.

Home-made poutine, with roasted sweet potato wedges, chicken-gravy-from-a-jar and beecher’s market herb cheese curds. Lovely, mild, warm, homey, tasty.

  • i'm sorry to hear this. writer's block is awful. i usually just do hack work until the muse visits again, but i don't know if this is appropriate for you. i found an interesting anecdote in shostakovich's memoirs where he said that Tchaikovsky and Rimsky-Korsakov agreed on barely anything except that composers should compose constantly: "if you can't write a major work, write minor trifles. If you can't write at all, orchestrate something". not sure what the literature equivalent to orchestration would be though - maybe reworking prose as a play or a poem?? hmm...

    just babbling really, but hoping your muse comes back to you very soon.

    must try poutine sometime. it sounds evil, but in a good way!

  • scarlet

    Mmmmmm, roasted sweet potato wedges, yum :)

  • miranda

    yay! bounce, bounce, bounce. give it time. years? love.

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