Culture shock



Culture shock: the women in Hong Kong’s version of the Dove Campaign
for Real Beauty
are all super-thin and tiny.

Correspondingly, shopping for clothing there almost requires one to be a US size 4 or smaller.

  • pastilla

    This helps me realize that mind has been hopelessly warped by advertising. The HK campaign actually makes me want to buy the soap more than the American one does. A little part of me believes "I can be a size 2 with perfect, creamy skin if I use this soap!" Sigh.

    Love the "boy short" underwear. :)

  • This sounds similar to my clothes shopping experiences in France as well, although it is probably worse in HK.

  • Patty

    Must be why all the TEFL sites recommend buying all the clothes you need before going over. I'm sure there have to be chubby Hong Kong-ers.

  • Of course there are chubby Hong Kong-ers Patty but they all have to wear modified burlap sacks and only go outside after dark.

  • Patty

    After they eat all the rice, they have to wear the sack it came in. I see.

  • Vanlal

    *ahem* real beauty

  • This is why I don't live in Asia anymore.

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