I’ve got $10,000 and an hour

I have no idea, but I’d probably fix my windshield wipers.

  • sjon

    Are they in that price-range ??

  • miranda

    yeah, even those of us who don't have cars: we carry them around in our purses to fend off raindrops and stray flies and whatever.

  • Well, everyone needs wipers.

  • bhikku's comment made me laugh!

    $10,000.00 + 1 hour = Oh, wipers and M&Ms. And life is complete.

  • I could only wish I had 10,000 dollars and an hour. I'd probably write a few nice large checks and free myself of some significant debt. ^_^;;

  • Happy the woman whose desires are so minimal. You could buy some M&Ms while the car was in the shop, too.

  • I dig that crazy behind-the-scenes feedburning. I woke up this morning to read my LiveJournal friends list and was pleasantly surprised.

    Also: windshield wipers don't cost that much to fix. I had to get my wiper motor replaced a few months ago and it was maybe two hundred or so, and that's on a Volkswagen (on which all repairs are expensive) with the repair done at the dealership because I was feeling lazy.

  • Color me confused.

    FeedBurner says you've got an entry just before this called, "this modern life" about redirecting your feed in feedburner from neonepiphany to eden.

    But the article is neither at neonepiphany nor at eden.vox. Hmm. (Unless I'm missing something.)

    I wanted to ask -- how are you redirecting your atom feeds from neonepiphany to feedburner in the first place?

  • sorry, i deleted that entry. always feel insecure about entries that seem to be nothing but tech talk.

    anyways! i've been using server redirects to rewrite any requests for feed urls to feedburner. i think there was a tutorial somewhere, but it was pretty easy to do.

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