Rebirths and reconnections

Another busy week, but somehow there’s a feeling of rebirth in the air. Finally got around to re-seeding some of the bare spots in my poor little yard, and though it left me a couple hundred dollars poorer, had someone come in and do thoroughly clean up and trim all of the bushes and shrubs. I almost fainted when I got home, it was so lovely! Will also be starting a new project at work on Monday, which I’m both excited and scared about. To top it all off, I completed refinancing on the mortgage today! Upheavals everywhere.

Two weeks after the high school reunion, I’m still very much in nostalgia mode. Bought some photo album software and started categorizing and keywording every photo I’ve collected since starting to shoot pictures, which was about 1990. Hunting for lost names and events has been quite an experience, as has been realizing just how much familiar faces have changed since then, or 1995, or even 2000. I’m a little ashamed to admit it, but the whole process has initiated a bit of googlestalking as well. Still, if it results in any reconnections with old friends, it’ll all have been worth it.

Speaking of reconnecting, Grimm will be back in town this weekend for a visit. Huzzah!

Anyone else?



There’s a sea of words behind this dam.


Microcrystalline groove

From the documentaries on The Fellowship of the Ring’s extended edition DVD, it’s increasingly obvious that Richard Taylor, mastermind behind Weta Workshop, is about the closest thing we have to a prototypical mad scientist. Somewhere in between raving about pressure-tube chain mail (random effects lackey: “…the three best years of my life!”) and his anthropologically informed, pathologically insane approach to weaponry, we concluded that he’s clearly a couple decades ahead of his time. No doubt he’d probably be pioneering the use of genetic engineering in special effects, shortly before giant, hideous tree creatures began their slow takeover of our planet.

Two weeks until The Two Towers appears on store shelves. I can’t wait! After all, one can only get so much hot elf satisfaction from watching pirate flicks.


26 things

Here’s my entry for 26 things. Be sure to check out the other entries there, or Mike’s (which inspired me to put together my own).

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The Morning After

Mike at Satan’s Laundromat (simply lovely, incidentally — one of my favorite sites) has some delicious photos up of New York City during yesterday’s blackout.

I’m still amazed by everyone’s relative calm during the whole situation, but then again, I guess we’ve all suffered through worse in the last couple years. I’d hate to have been on a subway car when things went dark, though!



Thank goodness for small victories. Apparently things with my bathroom floor aren’t nearly as bad as feared, though there’s still plenty of work to be done. Jeff, the handyman who came over on Monday, cut things away so we could get a better look, and the rot is mostly limited to an intermediate layer of particle board. Also, looks like a bad seal at the toilet’s base is to blame.

Completely gross was a huge swarm of ants that appeared from nowhere as soon as an opening was made in the floor. Apparently not carpenter ants (phew!), just little guys with a sweet tooth for wet wood. I’ve let things dry out for a few days and they’ve all fled elsewhere, but you can see from this photo that they’ve left a tidy pile of food behind:

Just to be sure, I picked up some do-it-yourself fumigators at Home Depot last night. More accurate would be “do-yourself,” since I ended up fumigating my person quite thoroughly because I panicked and knocked the cup over when it started boiling in my hands (!! seriously, thanks for telling me!). Skittish of chemical reactions, I ran it outside in a hurry, getting loads of insecticide on and inside me. Gack! There’s a sickly odor hanging over everything right now, hopefully quickly dispersed now that everything that can be opened to the outside is. It’s freezing.

Set off a second, which worked like a charm, I think. Come morning we’ll know for sure!

Anyway, looks like we’re looking at hundreds instead of thousands of dollars to fix, which is always nice. Getting to pick out a new floor is just a bonus!


Microdot message

Posting my latest entry from a computer equipped with a 3840 x 2400 LCD monitor, running at about 200 dpi. It just may be the coolest thing ever, despite my complete and utter inability to read this microscopic text.

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