The April ’08 KitKat Report


Our last KitKat report was almost two years ago & the flavors underwhelming, so it’s high time for another, and have I got some lovely new boxes to show off. I heart Japanese candy packaging — not exactly zen, but definitely elegant!*


First off, matcha choco is yet another green tea flavored variety, although in contrast to our previous friends, green tea and green tea with azuki bean, these aren’t coated in nummy tea-infused white chocolate. Instead, we get familiar standard milk chocolate coating with green tea filling between wafer & shell. Normally, I adore all matcha-based desserts, but I think chocolate overwhelms here ~ v. sad. Couldn’t taste green beyond a vague sense of “creamier-ness” — much, much prefer its white choco-based cousins.

Ringo choco, clearly from the same “release,” comes in an identical form factor: two solo-wrapped, chubby bars inside a tall, thin box. These are wearing the same milk chocolate cocktail dress, but sport apple-flavored intimates this time. The apple? Totally fake & supercharged with sweetness but in a classic, candy way, and as such can’t be overpowered by the cocoa, which makes it automatically more successful than the matcha. Was reminded of Miranda’s bizarre choco / apple gummy panda cookie, and these are similarly simultaneously appealing & disturbing. My reshuffled pantheon of fruit-flavored KitKats is now ranked thusly: Wine (yes, please!), Strawberry, Ringo choco, Orange, Banana (yuck!).

Finally, chestnut brings us back to lovely white chocolate-based goodness. Again, we’re bordering on too sweet, but there’s a pleasant nutty, woody, almost smoky flavor present that recalls, if not specifically roast chestnuts, something in their general neighborhood. The flavor’s definitely the most complex of the three, and bears further “study.” However! Am feeling guilty now after three KitKat bars, so… will have to wait a bit on that.

*it remains impossible to reconcile this elegance with Japanese candy commericals. w. t. f.

**though I do like this one — I mean, Ayumi Hamasaki!

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  • Those Ringo Chocolate ones look absolutely divine.

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