Back at work after almost a week off. It seems so strange. On the other hand, it’s really nice to be in an air conditioned office when the pacific northwest is topping out the mercury. I know you’re saying, “OH NO!!! 90 DEGREES!” in the most sarcastic voice you’ve got. I admit it, I don’t like heat.

B. is gone, so everything seems just a little less sunny. Apparently, though, New York is even more of a Crock-Pot than Seattle at a heat index that “feels like 101°F” Wow, nasty!

Speaking of Crock-Pots, we bought one yesterday, with an electronic timer and stay-warm setting — the whole shebang. Have spent the past 24 hours dreaming of stews, roasts, maybe some lamb curry. That is, after I finish the ten thousand leftover burgers in the refrigerator. Still, the sunny future awaits.

“It was only a Corvette!”

Saw xXx last night, which was pretty action-packed, completely preposterous, and a lot of fun. Thirty-three years later, a skiing-against-an-avalanche sequence isn’t any more believable than when James Bond did it in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. On the other hand, the quality of ski stunt sequences certainly seems to have improved since the days when Willy Bogner was the only one doing them. Vin Diesel actually managed to be more charismatic than any of the trailers would suggest (but anyone who saw Boiler Room probably didn’t need any convincing) and the equipment and stunts were pretty slick. Kind of a reinvention of the Bond genre mixed with heavy metal and extreme sports.

The next movie I want to see: Neil LaBute’s adaptation of A. S. Byatt’s Possession. Talk about drooling.

The census is a-coming

The folks at Movable Type are running a survey to help them estimate how many people are using the system. If you happen to use MT (and I know more than a few of you who read this blog do) then do them a favor and fill out the form!

Song of the day: Shin Seung-hun, “I Believe”
(again! but this is because kakumei has gotten me the soundtrack now)

  • FYI Salon has an interesting article on Possession. http://salon.com/ent/movies/review/2002/08/16/possession/index.html

    Now *I'm* extremely interested in seeing it. Too bad St. Louis is 2nd tier in terms of art house flicks...it might be a few weeks before it shows up.

    And Mike, how can you diss Fast and the Furious? It's good fun cheeze with pretty cars.

  • mlee

    Dude, Vin Diesel rocked in Boiler Room (and in Pitch Black too, but that was a more limiting character). I had the unfortunate opportunity to catch the Fast and the Furious while "shopping" and I think I was too overwhelmed with the badness of that movie to attempt any assessment there.

  • haglund

    Heh - it only feels like 101 in NYC? We've got a cool front coming in, so today was only up to 94. With humidity, it was 102 appearent temp in the shade. A nice break from the 98-101 real temp degree days. :)

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