Mario Batali at Café 34


  • miranda

    *looks around*

  • sjon

    I love fast food.

    Going to a typical hamburger joint takes close to 10 minutes, and I don't mean commuting to it but waiting in line being served and finding a clean table.

    I can cook a good rice-dish or a healthy wok mix in the same 10 minutes so those count as fast food. An omelette with mushrooms and onions and stuff, less than 10 minutes. ^_^

  • pastilla

    How ironic that he's dissing Semi-Homemade, but just recently visited Rachael Ray to prepare a recipe or two from his new book . . .

    re: crocs . . . look best on little girls . . . it's very cute to see a colorful line of kindergarten feet marching along . . .

  • space_riot

    I love him.

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