Mario Batali at Café 34


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\"...you grill it until the [mortadella] is nice and crispy, and when you put the bundle in your mouth... well, I believe Martha Stewart nearly had an orgasm the other day when I was on her show, and that is a blessed thing.\"


\"There's a trend in Italy toward fast food, because teenagers don't want to have to eat perfect tortellini every day for dinner. What the fuck are they thinking?\"


On Iron Chef America: \"You don't have to beat someone all the time, but it's certainly better than losing to them.\"


He was personable, though clearly in a rush. Appreciated his healthy disdain for Sandra Lee's Semi-Homemade\n -- he didn't even bother to get the name of her show correct (making \nfun of Food Network's desire to get you to buy Cool Whip & \nstrawberries: \"I don't get that show. Almost Homemade? But she's very popular.\").


Those orange Crocs did not work at all for me in person. At. All.


He's still my favorite, though.

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