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Did I mention how much I hate taxes? Finally, thrillingly, done, but at a cost — apparently the window of time spent doing them coincided exactly with a window of unseasonably beautiful weather. This is the usual story of my life.

Had a brief conversation with a friendly barista at Aberdeen Centre’s Starbucks, where the following vital information was gleaned:

  1. Mango tea frappuccino will never arrive because apparently it already did, and  due to an abject failure in north American test markets was a no-go. Test markets which went unnamed for their own safety, because they are so finished once I uncover their taste-defective identities.
  2. Tangerine and pomegranate have been off the menu some time, leaving only the heavy stuff, but you can still get a strawberry-lemon tea frappuccino if you ask nicely. A touch over-sweet, but it’ll work in a pinch.
  3. Iced green tea with a couple squeezes of melon syrup: maybe the best idea of all.

Believe me, as a non-coffee-drinker who spends a lot of time with addicts, this is all going to save my life someday.

  • tinyankletbells

    Beautiful dragonfruit. If only it tasted as exotic as it looks...

  • That Dragonfruit looks absolutely divine. :D

    Also, no way, no Mango Tea Frapp? This dismays me greatly!

  • Eden

    I know! I totally lived on that stuff while in Hong Kong. Nummy.

  • witzwurst

    find yourself a nice accountant. it's so worth it. and it doesn't cost that much.

    sbux iced green tea is pretty good...they had an iced green tea lemonade mumble mumble that i remember being pretty tasty.

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