Fan death, redux


So i slept with the fan on the other night (it’s been hot!), and I’d like to report that I’m still alive.

  • You are a hardy one, Selva. For me, white noise is a MUST HAVE.

  • I can't sleep WITHOUT a fan on in the room, summer or winter. ^^

  • I was raised the same way and I don't like having the fan blowing directly on me while I sleep. You'll catch a cold!

  • sjon

    You mean you went to bed alive and in the morning you think you are still alive. :)

  • May your future nights of fans continue to be deathless.

  • Uh oh. I sleep with a fan on every night. Have I been risking my life?

  • I asked my friend Myung Ja about this, and she totally confirmed the belief that sleeping with a fan blowing on you can be fatal. According to her, you are lucky to be alive :-)

  • I sleep with an air circulator and my window open, which is right next to my bed [in my dorm] and haven't been sick. Thank God.

  • I think you're pretty safe as long as you don't sleep in a bathtub full of water with a fan running on the ledge. I used to sleep with fan just to let that soft "whhhrrrring" sound purr me to sleep, but then I almost died from catching a horrible cold... ;-)

  • Both this post, and the fact that you are still alive, are good. :)

  • Vanlal

    There's no greater pleasure on a muggy night. :)

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