All candy and no depth lately, it seems. Is it possible to talk one’s well of emotion dry? And yet i’m happy, happier than i’ve been in a long time.

Problem is, i feel guilty saying so.

  • is it possible to talk one's well of emotion dry?

    that's when you know you've accomplished a lot of work. it's the best feeling -- congrats.

  • oh... guilt is not worth the trouble, but until you have gone past guilt, it is difficult to see its futility. keep looking.

  • Very glad you're so happy. Eat more candy, don't feel guilty!

  • Vanlal

    candy days are guilt-free. enjoy.

  • You shouldn't feel guilty.. If I were happy, I don't think I'd touch my laptop. The Internet is for sad people..

  • I don't know exactly what *BEAM* means, but if it helps any... *BEAM*

    Glad you're feeling happy!

  • miranda


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