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The best dessert ever is now the best ice cream ever! Häagen-Dazs’ sticky toffee pudding ice cream is available for the next six months in all its toffee-laden, cakey, custardy goodness. I just wish they didn’t keep putting out the good stuff as limited editions — I really miss their Di Saronno amaretto and tres leches flavors. but this, this will definitely tide me over for the next half-year.

Also, if you’re looking for the real thing, I’ve found the English Pudding Company’s sticky toffee pudding in the freezer section at Whole Foods, custard not included. Haven’t dared tried a home recipe yet. Anyone have one to recommend?

  • pastilla

    Oh, this looks very, very good. And I echo your statements about di saronno amaretto. I also miss Honey Vanilla.

  • I wish we had this flavour in the UK :(

  • Your blog induces hunger. I'm not sure if that's an adequate reason to friend someone, but it's mine, alright..

    Any flavor of Haagen-Dazs is delicious, no joke..

  • Did you happen to see "Scoop" on FoodTV? (aka: The Secret Origins of Sticky Toffee Pudding)

    A bunch of people submitted their ice cream ideas to Haagen-Dazs, and let me tell you there were some delicious ideas. I was a fan of Mocha Malt, personally, but it got eliminated in the first round. The final three were Sticky Toffee Pudding, Cannoli, and Sesame...er...Sesame...something. >< The name was really long. I was rooting for Cannoli, but Sticky Toffee Pudding won out, both in nationwide taste tests and among the judges.

    Definitely a fun special; 2 hours long though. Check the listings, maybe it'll air again!

  • The wife really likes sticky toffee pudding although I find it dangerously rich. I'll see if she has any thoughts on a recipe.

  • sjon

    This is cruel. Giving someone a craving for icecream early in the morning while he can't go to a shop before evening. ^__~

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