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I'll happily \nadmit I fell off the wagon. I had help, though. No, it wasn't \nparticularly my choice to have Paris Hilton spread-eagled on my front page for over a year, nor have a sarcastic post -- robbed now of \ncontext -- make it seem at a glance that I'm a follower of Rush Limbaugh. The first tragedy was the swoon and expiration of my poor web \nserver, followed by endless fretting about where to take my hosting \nneeds, capped by a poor decision to go cheap. Also saw a desire to \nreturn to self-hosting thwarted by said cheap solution \nrefusing to run Movable Type without crashing, and great palpitations of\n ennui at the thought of moving my templates over to WordPress or some \nother suitor. All this just before running into a giant brick wall of \n\"surprise, it's life calling.\"

Well, I'm still alive here. Seems \nonly like common courtesy to let you all know. Do people still stroll \nthe streets around here? Is it sunny where you are?

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