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So we ordered a file cabinet from Staples.com. Today, on the doorstep, a 24-pack of bottled water with a packing slip that says “file cabinet.”

Thank you, Staples! Wasn’t that easy?

  • Jim

    File under "Water"

  • AH HA HA HA!

    I'll never understand Staples, I think. At work, I found out that Staples doesn't allow you simply to "cancel" an order that hasn't been shipped yet. Instead, they have to deliver it. And then you have to request it to be picked up for return. Seems kind of silly, especially for back-ordered items that you know won't be arriving for weeks.

  • surrender to the wisdome of the interweb, selva

  • that is the most profoundly humorous thing i've read in some time.

  • they took the water away, presumably to return later with the real thing. but seriously, was it really worth their time and money to send someone out to take the water back? and now i'm thirsty.

  • You're obviously annoyed but imagine the other person who tries to quench their thirst with a file cabinet.

    Seriously though, who orders a 24 pack of bottled water from Staples?

  • Staples knows what you really need.

  • O_o

    That's uh...not right. I...would normally have some snark to back you up there, but to be honest, I think it speaks for itself. ><

  • jet

    Hahaha. That is awesome.

  • Yesss! Customer service at its finest. Did you drink the water for spite?

  • haven't drunk the water yet, but maybe i can roll my files up and store them in the bottles after i do!

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