The warm and melty melty


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Here in Vancouver, there's a chain of eateries called New York Fries.\n \"Authentically New York,\" goes their motto, on a poster featuring \nyellow cabs emblazoned with the NYF logo navigating the streets of The \nCity, and I believe it, because certainly when I think of New York, I \nthink of ... poutine.


[...apologies for the horrible cameraphone photo.]

While these people have obviously never set foot in the two-one-two, \npoutine does seem to be ascendant in the States these days. We're not \nlikely to see Carrie Bradshaw handling messy gobs of gooey goodness on \nthe silver screen anytime soon, but there are no less than three hip \neateries in Seattle serving it at the moment, a number that will no \ndoubt rise in the coming months. Combining comfort food with upscale \ndining's a road fraught with peril, but it can be done (cf. the late and\n lamented Fork's lobster corn dogs) but, still, given a choice between Feenie's or this food court fare, I'd probably choose this. Besides, you're allowed to get your hands messy at the mall!\n
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