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  • I also second the Scott Pilgrim recommendation, it is very light-hearted with a bit of immature humor and random pseudo-Japanese-esque (wow, look at that word I made up) style. The writing is very sharp and the art keeps getting better and better. The only downside is that he is still drawing them so it is a year between volumes.

    Actually I recommend you track down Bryan Lee O'Malley's first book, Lost At Sea first and start there. I think you would enjoy both quite a bit (but then I may say that to everyone due to unreasonable fanaticism).

  • [this is good] Will definitely read, thanks!

  • I found Promethea heavy-handed and dull at first (aside from Weeping Gorilla and the Five Swell Guys), but at some point it... ah, I don't want to spoil anything. I would say that I love about two of the five paperbacks, which is more than I would have guessed after volume 1.

    Have you read Scott Pilgrim? I am temporarily obsessed with it.

  • I just finished volumes 3 & 4 and have to speculate that you meant those. Because, wow.

    Hadn't heard of Scott Pilgrim but I will have to look into.

  • Me, I adored Preacher back in the day; it was evil (remember when the Anti-Pope humpty-dumptied? LOL).

    These days, I am inspired by something equally as grim but with much less humour: DMZ, a post-9/11 world where the US cracked in half as a result and a horrific civil war broke out. Manhattan is the literal DMZ and it is as good as everything Brian Wood writes.

    I remember first encountering Channel Zero and how it knocked me between the eyes. Couriers (a few of them) and Couscous Express were great, but Ch0 was a great big fuck you and I fucking adored it.

    I haven't read the very latest DMZ (A Secret War), but I am sure looking forward to it.

  • [this is good] Oh! oh! Keep the recommendations coming! I'm going to read all of these.

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