Contented, after a fashion



I got the table of contents page! (shush, please don’t tell me if that’s a bad thing!)

Feeling unreasonably giddy at the idea of being published in a real, live, you-pay-for-this magazine*. Even if the other envelope never arrives, I think my euphoria should last for awhile yet. To tell the truth, I was offered some decent money a couple years back for several shots by the Washington State Tourism Board, but at the time fear of having my real name out there (and, after all, they have to cut a check to somebody) convinced me not to. ~ so glad I got over it, because it’s really quite enjoyable!

On the other hand, hate, hate, hate, hate doing taxes. Seething hate. How do I get myself into this situation every year?

*This is the May 2008 issue of Popular Photography & Imaging.

  • jenn

    Woo hoo, that is awesome!

  • Oh, that's fantastic! Congratulations!

  • pastilla

    Oh, well done! (They chose an extremely cool one, too).

    So well deserved. I shared a link to one of your photographs with a friend of mine here in the Redwoods with the comment: "this is the only woman who's taken a photograph so powerful that it made me want to write a novel to go along with it . . . just to have that spectacular picture on the cover."

  • metagnat

    Wow! It looks fantastic!

  • bikergeek

    well, yay! conga rats, and stuff!

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