I am such a girl


So help me, I am slowly becoming obsessed with Twilight. What does that say about me??

Case in point: earlier, I was sitting at my desk trying to will something wonderful into existence. Unfortunately, this is the only thing I managed to achieve:


I admit it, I’m holding the Twilight DVD in my hand right now.

  • So funny story, you posted this last year and I sort of brushed it off. Then in July one of my friends insisted I read the Twilight books and I ended up getting swept up in it all as well.

  • We all fall down in the end!

  • Alice


    New wendy ip album! You probably know about this already but since you told me about her and I am eternally behind I figured I should share.

  • Eden

    I totally didn't know! Thank you!

    By the way, are you on twitter or plurk?

  • Alice

    No, I pretty much abhor technology these days and live under a rock. I do not even have internet at home any more.

  • metal_aria

    You have officially broken my brain

  • Alice

    Are the books any good? I keep hearing conflicting reports about them.

  • Eden

    Sadly, I haven't read them yet! I bought Twilight but didn't get past the cheesy blurb on the back. But I'm going to read it now, oh yes.

  • striatic

    [this is good] you are weird.

  • eyemage

    off to twilights anonymous with you...

  • mojito

    You are so adorable. :)

    And I totally get it. I have stopped myself from buying and Edward & Bella t-shirt from Hot Topic on more than one occasion

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