dear diary #13

dear diary,

yesterday we played tea in the garden and everyone was there, even joannie and mr. dipple and his cat. we had sandwiches and cakes and when the birds came and took the sun away no-one complained. mr. dipple doesn’t say much anymore, not since rupert learnt him. his hands are still cold but now his teeth are falling out. i don’t like looking at his mouth. it looks like winter and tar and staying awake at night.

it’s been snowing so long! sometimes i hear mommy crying but i can’t see her anymore. if i put my ear against the ground i hear her saying something but i don’t know what. i really miss her.

tracy says it’ll be okay and when the hollow man comes for his eyes we’ll all be together again. i hope so!

i really need to go, but i’ll be back!

tag, you’re it.



dear diary #12

dear diary,

i’m sorry it’s been so long but the hollow man was always watching me and i knew he would take you away again if he saw so today after lunch while he was sleeping i crawled inside his head and stole his eyes. then i hid them in the salt-box. shh! it’s a secret.

i took his key and we’re outside now and it’s bright and my eyes hurt. i think we’re not actually in filla-delfy-ah after all because i can see mommy’s house from here. it’s not blue like i remember and the grass is all gone but i can hear the tin cats singing inside, just like the day we found tracy in the treasure chest.

i wonder what mommy will look like this time? i hope she will be pretty and sing to me.



dear diary #11

dear diary,
are you wondering where we are? we’re running away from home. i’m afraid of the wind monsters coming under the blankets and mommy doesn’t believe me when i tell her & i didn’t wanna spend the night in the basement again with the man with no mouth who talks from the hole in his chest, so when mr. dipple wasn’t looking i took you and a jar of peaches and miss sniffles and we’re all gonna move to filla-delfy-ah like i saw on tv. oh and a pencil too, or i wouldn’t be able to write!!
its getting dark but its not too cold and i like it better at night anyways. earlier i thought i saw the wood men following me with their water buckets but when i turned around there was nothing. tomorrow we’ll walk fast so we can get far away and hopefully they won’t see.
maybe we’ll find hannah again. wouldn’t that be the greatest?
goodnite and xoxo,


dear diary #10

dear diary,
i’m home alone right now. mommy left yesterday and i dunno when she’ll be back. she said not to leave the glass room but it was wet and the dark eyes kept looking at me so i snuck out.
i wanted to have another tea party with mrs. dooley and tracy and hannah and my other friends but nobody talks to me anymore. mr. dipple says they’re not my real friends anyways and i don’t need tea parties anymore because he’s gonna take me to real ones again like he used to.
i miss hannah. she has warm hands and her voice doesn’t shake. not like mr. dipple’s friends. their hands are cold and prickly and i can feel them all over still weeks and weeks after.
i made a little dolly out of my hair. maybe she can be my friend instead.

Obligatory Origins update: skin kind of overreacted and got really oily for the rest of the day. But still wonderfully smooth. Investigating workarounds.


dear diary #9

dear diary,
yesterday i discovered a glass window in the back of tracy’s head and inside there was a blazing sun and an old tootsie pop. i ate the tootsie pop but later i took out the sun & instead i put all my secrets in my jewelry box and hid it there. she didn’t seem to notice so i think they are safe for now.
the inside of tracy’s head is dry and sticky like fruit roll-ups! eww!
i put the sun under my bed but it was too bright and i couldn’t fall asleep. mommy yelled at me this morning for not getting up on time so i threw it out the window & it rolled away but came back after lunch wearing a halloween mask. i think it’s trying to sneak back in. i don’t like the way it looks at me but i closed the curtain so it can’t see anymore.
i’m going to rip out this page and put it under my pillow so the police will know if anything happens. sorry if it hurts!


dear diary #8

dear diary,
rabbit rabbit. i forgot!
xoxo, -L.


dear diary #7

dear diary,
tracy & me got into a fight today because she wanted to sit with mrs. dooley at lunch and she wouldn’t listen when i said mrs. dooley only comes out of the trunk on mondays. i told her to sit with hannah instead but she just started yelling at me and ran to the trunk to open it. i didn’t want mommy to hear so i put my head in a bag and made the world go away.
when i came back out the trunk was still closed but tracy was gone. I TOLD HER SO not to bother mrs. dooley when it’s not monday, but she didn’t listen. now everything’s scratchy and sticky & i need to clean up or mommy will make me sleep in the basement again. i don’t like it there because it’s cold and the man with no eyes makes ticking noises all night.
hannah isn’t sitting right anymore. i tried to sit her up but i think she’s sick. mr. dipple always knows what to do so i’ll ask him about it tomorrow.
i miss tracy.
xoxo, -L.


dear diary #6

dear diary,
today i turned nine years old!! we went to pizza factory and there was cake and clowns and three kinds of pizza. i ate too much frosting and had to sit in the corner for a long time. mommy didn’t say anything but i knew she was mad. also i didn’t like the clowns. they looked at me too much and their hands were cold and wet.
mr. dipple hasn’t come to visit in a long time but i can see him through the window before i go to sleep. my friend tracy came over last time but he didn’t want to meet her so i pretended nobody was home. i don’t know why cause i think he’d like tracy’s dollies too. anyways he’s been waiting outside ever since.
i wonder does he know it’s my birthday? last year he gave me a picture-book but mommy found it and burned it in the fireplace. when i told him he promised to give me another one but he hasn’t yet. maybe he was waiting for today. i’m glad she didn’t find you too! i think she still doesn’t know i got you again.
he is out there right now like always. i tried waving but i don’t think he saw me. i’ll try again tomorrow.
xoxo, -L.


dear diary #5

dear diary,
there’s a man in the basement who yells things into my ear when i try to sleep at night. mommy says the only way to make him stop is to put his words in a hidden place. i don’t think anyone knows i dug you up again, so you get them now.
he shouts: fear is not knowing!
every night the screams are louder. i’m afraid he’ll get into my bedroom. if he does, i’ll pretend to be asleep and hit him on the head with a broom. i did it once to mr. dipple and now he stays on the other side of the street after school. we laugh at him because the eye patch makes him look like a pirate.
he shouts: pity will not be my prison!
i can see him when i close my eyes. there’s a hole in his belly big enough to crawl into and under his shiny forehead he has no face, but i know he can hear me and smell me and see me. his not-eyes are black and his not-mouth is full of teeth. his words tumble out over his chest into the belly-hole and climb up the stairs to my door.
he shouts: acceptance is not surrender!
i hope he goes away now. i don’t know what he’s yelling about but i want him to stop. sleeping with the broom is getting uncomfortable.
wish me luck! whatever happens, i’ll let you know first.


dear diary #4

dear diary,
there’s a monster in the closet and i can’t sleep again. i made a tent out of my hair to hide in but his toes keep rubbing against the door. my friend tracy always says the only way to scare a monster is to sing a song but mommy said the next time i do that the windows will go away again. it’s dark outside my hair and i can hear him breathing there.
if i tell you about something else maybe he’ll go away.
mr. dipple’s special party was nice but i wasn’t allowed to play with the other girls and everybody else was old like mr. dipple so i didn’t talk to them. i wanted to go home but then we got to drink green juice which made me feel funny and warm inside but it tasted good. later he said the reason we couldn’t play was because it would make us sick. mommy is always sick so maybe i should tell her too but mr. dipple doesn’t like it when i talk about him. maybe if i write a note in scary letters she’ll think it’s from the monster.
uh oh, i think he heard that because he’s moving again. good night for now!
xoxo, -L.


dear diary #3

dear diary,

mommy doesn’t know that i found you again so i can only write when she goes out. i know its been awhile but this is what happened last week:

1. on monday mr. dipple took me to the park and i saw a tree that was screaming.

2. on tuesday i stayed home and made a fish.

3. i don’t remember about wednesday. i asked mommy but she said i was bad.

4. on thursday i dreamed i was under water. there was music playing but i was scared.

5. tonight there’s gonna be a party. mr. dipple says it’s a special party and he’s going to take me. mommy might still find you so i won’t tell you where yet.

i think i hear mommy’s car in the driveway. i’ll see you soon! promise.

xoxo, -L.


dear diary #2

dear diary,

i’m grounded for the next four days. mommy says that what i did was wrong but she won’t tell the police this time. so far no one knows where it’s hidden but i’ll tell you now, just in case:

  1. H F 10 40 JL 0(F) | mfmkkk
  2. Ce F 18 00 J 25 ||| mfmkjkkk??
  3. D S 13 20 D 16 || mmkk
  4. Co S 17 05 EB 8 ||- mfmkkk
  5. D S 19 40 HS 30 ||| vjrnimrcbdkkkkdm
  6. D S 11 00 CP 10 || lrmfmrcppykkkl??
  7. H S 18 30 PP 0(J) ||| vmmkjpkkc?

that should be enough, so don’t forget! later i’ll tell you how to get inside.



dear diary #1

dear diary,

mommy went to shoney’s for breakfast so for now i am alone with you. i just wanted to share with you things i learned this past week.

  1. sometimes the face the world sees is a cross to bear
  2. other people are doing the exact same thing as you
  3. just when you think something’s finished, it bites back
  4. even the floor needs to be punished sometimes
  5. when you want something exactly right, ask clearly
  6. a happy ending is not always a good ending
  7. standing in the corner is not the same as being in the room

i need to go now. mr. dipple is outside waiting for me. i’ll talk to you later!


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