dear diary #6

dear diary,
today i turned nine years old!! we went to pizza factory and there was cake and clowns and three kinds of pizza. i ate too much frosting and had to sit in the corner for a long time. mommy didn’t say anything but i knew she was mad. also i didn’t like the clowns. they looked at me too much and their hands were cold and wet.
mr. dipple hasn’t come to visit in a long time but i can see him through the window before i go to sleep. my friend tracy came over last time but he didn’t want to meet her so i pretended nobody was home. i don’t know why cause i think he’d like tracy’s dollies too. anyways he’s been waiting outside ever since.
i wonder does he know it’s my birthday? last year he gave me a picture-book but mommy found it and burned it in the fireplace. when i told him he promised to give me another one but he hasn’t yet. maybe he was waiting for today. i’m glad she didn’t find you too! i think she still doesn’t know i got you again.
he is out there right now like always. i tried waving but i don’t think he saw me. i’ll try again tomorrow.
xoxo, -L.
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  • Vanlal

    I'd never seen Leslie before so I had to go back and read. Waiting for more...

  • miranda

    Hooray for Leslie!!

  • Lori

    I just can't tell you how much I adore Dear Diary! Glad to see you found time to write. Kisses!

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