dear diary #4

dear diary,
there’s a monster in the closet and i can’t sleep again. i made a tent out of my hair to hide in but his toes keep rubbing against the door. my friend tracy always says the only way to scare a monster is to sing a song but mommy said the next time i do that the windows will go away again. it’s dark outside my hair and i can hear him breathing there.
if i tell you about something else maybe he’ll go away.
mr. dipple’s special party was nice but i wasn’t allowed to play with the other girls and everybody else was old like mr. dipple so i didn’t talk to them. i wanted to go home but then we got to drink green juice which made me feel funny and warm inside but it tasted good. later he said the reason we couldn’t play was because it would make us sick. mommy is always sick so maybe i should tell her too but mr. dipple doesn’t like it when i talk about him. maybe if i write a note in scary letters she’ll think it’s from the monster.
uh oh, i think he heard that because he’s moving again. good night for now!
xoxo, -L.
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  • Eglantine

    I found a picture of this dude on a google search for "Mr. Dipple":


  • Grrrrbbooo,

    yes I heard that hat ha ha hahaha

  • Eglantine

    Bad Mr. Dipple! No more little girl biscuit!

  • Thought you were going to lay off the absynthe.

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