dear diary #10

dear diary,
i’m home alone right now. mommy left yesterday and i dunno when she’ll be back. she said not to leave the glass room but it was wet and the dark eyes kept looking at me so i snuck out.
i wanted to have another tea party with mrs. dooley and tracy and hannah and my other friends but nobody talks to me anymore. mr. dipple says they’re not my real friends anyways and i don’t need tea parties anymore because he’s gonna take me to real ones again like he used to.
i miss hannah. she has warm hands and her voice doesn’t shake. not like mr. dipple’s friends. their hands are cold and prickly and i can feel them all over still weeks and weeks after.
i made a little dolly out of my hair. maybe she can be my friend instead.

Obligatory Origins update: skin kind of overreacted and got really oily for the rest of the day. But still wonderfully smooth. Investigating workarounds.

tags: deardiary

  • Thank you, dears. She breaks mine, too.

  • ... and mine as well.

  • Leslie, you break my heart.

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